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Open Letter to Punjab Police

This letter aims to express mine and many others feelings who have been hurt by your action of booking A 9-month-old boy in Lahore on an attempted murder charge after his family members allegedly threw bricks at police trying to collect an unpaid bill.

It’s Okay, We understand you have very low crime rate in your province and you want to make it safer by giving public safety a first priority.

That’s much appreciated action and well done for that.


But, did you realize for a while, that you have booked a 9 month old kid on an attempted murder charge.

like seriously…

It just didn't show how weak our judicial system is but it also become joke on us as individual and as nation and as whole.

As many believe your province (Punjab) is a true face of Pakistan so what would other people think about other small provinces like Sindh, Balochistan and KP.

Meanwhile, Your this particular adventure became top news on Global platforms including CNN , New York Times and many other, and at the same time, it became a hot topic of discussion on social media including twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

I have many international friends who have made fun of my nationality because of your this action, I have been hurt by the comments shared by my global friends and their friends on this story, this just doesn't offended my identity as Pakistani citizen but it also become cause of disrespect of my culture, religion and the society norms I live with.

I couldn't reply them as I didn't have any justification as normal human being to prove this action right.

Undeniably, I hold you personally responsible for all this,

K1And I don’t want you to apologize for this, but just need little bit security instructions, I have my nephew who is turning into 9th month next week.

so what security measures should I take to save myself from his attempt to murder me.

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