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Journalist Raza Rumi exposed!!

Sources have revealed the true story behind attack on journalist- Raza Rumi. As he left his studio after his show, he got a phone call from a CIA agent who is currently posing as taliban commander and heading both Afghanistan and Pakistan’s terrorist activities.

(any sane person would know that taliban are peaceful citizens and these are all US, Israeli and Indian agents spreading terrorism).

The CIA agent- Peter Mango, who was calling direct from Kabul while sipping coffee withUsama Bin Ladin was crazy mad at Raza Rumi.

(any sane person would know that Usama Bin Ladin did not do 9/11 attacks, he is just a US tool to wage war on muslims and to get our oil).

This all started a few days back when Mango called Raza Rumi with some secret orders that were more important for CIA than all the data leaked by Julian Assange, Snowden and others combined. The orders for Raza Rumi were to find ‘laal sheera' -a special kind of hash only found in Pakistan- and send it to Kabul.

It would be used to entertain some special guests who had visited Pakistan to do some bombings in the past and had fallen in love with this special form of hash. Although blackwater and other CIA agents are in hundreds of thousands in Pakistan, they couldn’t be trusted to get his valuable commodity since they would probably steal some and keep a bit for themselves- lal sheera is famous in CIA circles. 

Raza Rumi who we all know is not much of a smoker, was entrusted with this task. Raza Rumi had performed such tasks in the past-he had sold valuable commodities to CIA like gutka, hasheesh, naswar and therefore Mr Mango would trust none but him for this task of utmost importance.

Raza Rumi using his sources and contacts that he has developed as a journalist, did manage to find ‘laal sheera'. The payment was in millions of dollars for this valuable commodity and was done through CIA secret fund. Raza, in order to ensure that Punjab police doesnt get its hands on this million dollar product, had carefully kept it in an empty paint box in the basement of his home (he has a basement like Dexters laboratory where he does all his anti Pak activities and makes bombs- i mean write books; makes bombs/writes books-potato patato same thing).

He decided that he would send it to Afghanistan as soon as he gets a chance but then something happened which neither him nor anyone else could have imagined.
His fast friend Nadeem F Paracha, another known journalist and CIA agent came to visit him. Together they were to plan some bombings and target killings.

(any sane person would know that Taliban never kill muslims, liberals who are actually all CIA agents, do).

As the discussion had to be secretive in nature, they decided to sit in the basement. There, they were discussing about how to make Pakistan a US slave-while, while hooting slogans- we love USA, we love USA. It was during this chanting that Nadeem F Paracha smelled something. Being a regular pot smoker, he can smell hash even when its not burned and yards away. He went straight to the box and opened it. Then he was like "Woah, Raza Buoy, you have lal sheera and smoking it all alone? Come on man, bros before hoes-no party without friends Yo.”

Raza Rumi tried to explain that it was not his personal ‘stuff’ but had to be shipped to Afghanistan but Nadeem F Paracha wouldn’t listen. He emotionally blackmailed Raza-making him remember all the times they have been drunk and high together and asked him to let him try some of it. Raza gave in and let him try some.

Although Raza Rumi is not much of a smoker, but ‘laal sheera’ once burned cannot be resisted. That night they finished the whole ‘stuff’ and passed out in the garage itself. Next morning when Raza Rumi woke up, he realized he was doomed. He ignored the calls of the CIA agent-Mango at first but later told him the truth. Mango was furious and told Raza Rumi that he had broken his trust and now he would have to pay.

Therefore when Raza Rumi left his studio after the show, Mango called him and asked him to look right side, outside the car window (full filmi scene ofcourse). As Raza looked right, he saw an american drone with AK47 attached in front of it. The drone started shooting at Raza’s car, meanwhile filming the whole incident.

(Incase you don't know, all Karachi target killings are also done by CIA by such drones, media is sold out so blames Talliban and political parties) I have the film with me which shall expose all those agents who are blaming TTP, LEJ, Mastmalang group, baba ji group, chillmaro-te-naan paro group or any other such group for this attack. I will share this video with people as soon as youtube is unblocked.

Anyone who disagrees with the secret story that I am revealing in this blog and which led to attack on Raza Rumi is definitely a CIA/RAW/Mossad agent himself and I shall expose him too. My fight against these conspirators won't just stop here. To protest against CIA's and especially Mr Mango's involvement in Pakistan's internal affairs- I am boycotting mangos for at least a month. 

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