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Corruption as a growing menace in Pakistan

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely”    ~ Edward Dalberg

 Corruption has been a growing menace in Pakistan. It has emerged out as such a force that has obliterated the social, political and economic fabric of the country. The development has been crippled and the process of decaying has got impetus with the prevalence of this social evil.

Every sphere of life seems to be impregnated with the devilish essence of its existence. Corruption deems to be a phenomenon that is an ill political development for a politician; a monetary favor and the leakage of economic resources for an economists,; and social disparity, if to be seen through the prism of a socialist. It’s a deep rooted concept that has been consolidated with human’s patronizing nature to this ill development.

The conceptual framework of corruption is not erected on the illicit monetary gains only, but, also the corrupt mindset (Altered behavior patterns) with the yearning to get favors is one of its building blocks. Nepotism, Economic Rent (One of the kind of bribery), Favoritism explicates its monetary nature.

Whereas, Violation of laws(act of superior being), selfish motives, envying others, extremist ideology for personal gains (Maneuvering the knowledge) is the behavior related corruption. These forms are easy to be found in any society. But, Pakistan ranks high in having corruption as a destructive force.

Transparency international (A Germany based non-governmental organization) has ranked Pakistan as 137th (In the index that measures the level of transparency in the system and behavior) out of 165 countries. There are myriad of corruption cases that signifies its viciousness in this particular subject; The Pakistan Steel Mills Rs.26 billion scam, National Insurance Company limited scandal, corruption in PIA with the amount of $500 million, Hajj corruption case ,rental power projects and many more.

Moreover, behavior related corruption such as, prevalence of prostitution, Beggary as a profession (Backed up by groups and “Mafia”), Violent behavior (Increasing acid throwing cases, violence against women, rape cases go un-noticed etc) reflects its strength of venom in the diversified sphere of life that is behaviour led.

  “Corruption” is not a phenomenon that flourished overnight and emerged as uncontrollable stream of force in Pakistani society. There are various causes that have nourished the growth of this poison giving plant. “Lack of education” or “No education” is one of its causes. Although, Half of Pakistani society deems to be literate (When it come to the Government provided figures of literacy).Yet, the real education is an alienable concept to its citizens. “Aristotle “remarked that

“Educating the Mind without educating the soul is no education at all”

Unfortunately, Pakistani suffers from both. The inner conscience has been marred with the glittering, but volatile shine of money. The minds are presenting the outlook of a cranny box with the absence of muscular substance of morality.

Consequently, the menace is growing. In the furtherance, lack of accountability culture, coupled up with yearning for the better social standing has provided a consolidated base to this social evil. The list of causes does not end here; Inter and intra departmental pressure, poverty, and exploitative nature of work (with low pay structure) are one of its structural units.

In the presence of these elements “corruption” has emerged out as a powerful force that has left indelible impression over the society. Violation of human rights, social disintegration (Caste system emerging out to be a dominant force in the presence of “Nepotism” and Favoritism”), Legalization of corrupt practices (People deems corrupt practices such as theft, bribery, embezzlement as their right, due to the growing rich and poor divide and other discrepancies),halted economic development (political hiring with the effect of crowding out leading to institutional inefficiency, country’s tarnished image resulting in lower levels of economic activity) and political turmoil broadens the list of corruption’ impact.

Although the problem is gigantic in nature and it has vitiated the social growth of the country. Yet, correct and timely measures will not only eradicate this evil, but also efface out its long-lasting impact. Firstly, corruption eradication programme on the pattern of (Singapore and Korea) to be replicated with undifferentiated implementation.

Irrespective of color, social class, creed and language, the programme needs to be met with its prime objective of singling out the corrupt people. Secondly, the edifice of culture of accountability needs to be erected.  Thirdly, the transparency in the system needs to be made.

Fourthly, law must prevail with its absolute magnitude (Justice should be done though the heavens fall). Lastly, Independent bodies to be set up in order to probe into the process of running the state affairs. In order to have all these agents of change the pre-requisite in the form of “educating the behaviors” needs to be a preliminary source for the betterment of the society.

Because, education is a powerful weapon that does not only change the behavior positively, But also revolutionizes the society altogether.

“Time is always right to do the right”-Nelson Mandela

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