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Traffic Chaos – Wait for the Green light!

The other day, as I left my office at around 7:30pm and continued to drive back home, I did not anticipate that a mere 6 km drive would yield full load of depression and stress for me. It seemed like any other usual day but the distance, after a long hectic day at work, turned out to be a voyage due to the traffic congestion.

The problem of traffic nuisance in Karachi, as I see it, can only be attributed to those who actually contribute their share of carbon on roads. The system is usually blamed for this traffic menace but it is, in fact, a signature trend of Karachiites as they create it purposely.

Honking the horns for no reason when the signal turns green and not waiting for the vehicles ahead to move even an inch, is the usual behavior which I have observed in Karachi. It’s just a matter of waiting for milliseconds but this offensive attitude persists which is really annoying at times.

Assuming that everyone driving on the roads has a valid driver’s license, the situation should have been a far cry from the current scenario.

To add to the torment, is a whole new fearless breed of motorcyclists who will try to overtake from extreme left when you are turning left with proper indicators and if you try to warn them by honking, you get a rude stare in return. These riders seem neither to be concerned about their own safety nor of their vehicles. It makes me wonder what important Meeting or business deal makes them risk their very own lives.

Overtaking is a matter of choice nowadays where the cars overtake either from the left or from the right and pop up in-front of your car in no time.

Beside, roads are further blocked due to cars parked in strict no parking zones and even on main roads simply because the person has stopped by to shop some grocery, or maybe because he owns the road

And the most interesting of all, which personally annoys me, is an approach by many to save 0.00001 liter of their car’s fuel and risking their own and others safety. It’s when someone who wants to go on the opposite side but does not bother to drive a few meters for taking a proper U-turn but rather drives wrong side. Sometimes the density of such wrong-side drivers is so high that I feel puzzled while going on the longer route if I am on the right track or not.


There is yet another problem of lack of proper bus stands adding to the transport issue. But wait! Why do we need a bus stop in first place? Our bus drivers are kind enough to welcome you on board even when they are driving in the fast lane. They can actually stop anywhere and everywhere without due regard to the poles flashing three colorful lights, termed as traffic signals.

Moreover, we constantly complain about traffic constables taking bribes as a compensation for breaking laws. But this is just one side of the picture which might be true to some extent. As I was intrigued to explore the reasons at the constable’s end, I found out about the complete picture. The issue which I came across was about most of the vehicles with press stickers or media relation justifying their law-violating behaviors. Do they really have the self-proclaimed right to break the rules and use influencing sources as their protecting cover?

The only reason to this menace of Karachi traffic, which I can make out, is that everyone follows their own rationales without giving a thought to the actual traffic rules. This seems trivial but contributes immensely to the chaos. I wonder if it’s necessary for a traffic police to be present for us to follow the rules.

So, what is the core solution to this entire bunch of problems? I believe it’s for the people and by the people themselves. Changing public attitude is a must, it’s about time that we analyze ourselves and modify where necessary. Before issuing a driving license, it should be mandatory that a person attends proper driving classes at get their self trained. Basic rules and civic sense should be taught to teenagers at collages and by parents at home, government should initiate a program like “Teach your teen to drive” which is a successfully running in Ohio state parents sign an affidavit that they have taught all the basic rules to their children. Traffic police needs to be empowered so that they are immune to the pressures and references people might use.

A great man said “If you want to judge a nation, See how they drive”. Dear Karachi, do not worry; hope your inhabitants would take an initiative of self-correction to Alleviate this grave issue rather than ranting about it.


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