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The death of Mera Sultan Fever!

It is unbelievably true, whether one agrees to it or not, Mera Sultan had become everybody’s one of the most favourite Turkish drama, after Ishq-e-Manoon.The fever gradually began when the first few episodes of this old Turk Kingdom were on aired.

The drama frenzy soon shot up with the appearance of Hooram Sultan, the most beautiful and courageous, the heart of Sultan Suleman and undoubtedly the drama itself. Nobody liked to miss such a tale of love, politics, jealously, killing, family and revenge. The perfect historic drama has made everyone pause their routine life for an hour.

The drama originally is in Turkish language and it follows the patterns of seasons, similarly to the seasons on star world. The current episode is from the last season, i.e. season 3. Now coming towards the end, this sensational drama lost its charm because one of the main reasons, Hooram Sultan leaving the show.

I have come across many of my friends, family and acquaintances, which would religiously follow this program and I being a fan myself have had many discussions on it with them. But what happened now? How come there is a sudden downfall in the fame graph and how come people have stopped liking it? Now whenever someone brings this as a topic, there is only one answer to this, because there is no more of Hooram Sultan.

The absolute beauty had thousands of fans glued to the TV, not only in Pakistan but also in Canada and America. Her intelligence, wit and total ambition is what amused the audience, now the character has returned after a pause, and this is how people reacted, “wait! What? That’s not hooram” and many at times like “it is not the same without her..”. Yeah, the change of the woman from the face that we all loved to the one we hardly recognise has made the drama fall on their likes.

Too bad, the beauty left the show but we all know, Mera Sultan is just incomplete without its Malika. The audience misses her magnificence, shrewdness, arrogant walk and her most unusual expressions. The loss of this girl in the cast has made the fan club sad more than ever, leading to the death of Mera Sultan mania. 

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