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Fire crackers in Jammu Kashmir to celebrate India’s loss in T20 cup final

Sources have revealed that India’s loss in T20 cricket world cup final match was widely celebrated in Jammu Kashmir. Not only youngsters were seen dancing and playing drums on the streets to celebrate India’s loss, but fire crackers were also heard in  many parts of the valley including Palhalian, Barmulla, Kupwara, Srinagar, Sopore, Pulwana, Shopian and Anantnag.

It was evident by tweets and Facebook updates on social media that Kashmiris were supporting Sri Lanka in the final T20 match of cricket world cup 2014 throughout the match. When the match was over, brave Kashmiri youngsters went one step ahead than just rejoicing over social media and actually went out on roads and streets to celebrate. This was a dangerous thing to do considering that the army to civilian ratio in Kashmir is 1:20-the highest in the world and Indian army is known for its inhuman tortures throughout the valley.

I contacted Imran Ali, a local journalist in Baramulla Kashmir to verify the news of firecrackers in Kashmir and his reply increased my love for Kashmiri brothers manifold. He stated: “Yes, Kashmiris are celebrating India's loss. Actually Kashmiris support Pakistan but it was very sad when Pakistan lost against West Indies. We hate India and support every other team which may defeat India.”

He forbade me from mentioning the name of his newspaper or his exact location in my article since Indian army deals with any Pakistan supporters in Kashmir brutally.

It is worth reminding the readers that a Kashmiri boy was shot dead by Indian army while celebrating Pakistan’s win against India in Asia Cup and many Kashmiri students were suspended from university and put in prison for supporting Pakistan in the same match of Asia Cup.

India constantly blames Pakistan for supporting an insurgency in Kashmir but events like these show the world that Kashmiris themselves have decided to not to surrender to India and still have the will and audacity to fight on for their freedom.  

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