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What is the Theme of Parah 1!!

The Holy Quran is a divine gift from Allah Almighty; it is a source of enlightenment. It aims to bring the word of the creator to the Knowledge of mankind so that everyone may benefit from it. It is a guide that targets the heart and soul of all Muslims. It is a message of God to humanity and it requires considerable time to read and understand the Allah’s message, What Almighty wants to direct us. But we make Quran, a hard to read book, and is not easily assessable. While, It is much easier to have communication with humans like we converse with friends and family on Viber, Skype, and WhatsApp etc. at any point without any cost. All these applications are available on single click of our smart phones. Why don’t we use this facility to have communication with Lord…surprised…oh yeah..Lord of universe is communicating with us via Quran but we have no time to open the holy book placed on upper shelf of our homes and understand what Almighty is saying.

This is a big question and this case was also depicted in super hit movie “Khuda ky leay” when Shan was arrested and hold in Guantanamo jail, the inspector found the locket in which Ayah relating to Jihad was written but he didn’t know the meaning. The similar situation happened with all of us especially to those people who are living abroad. These all things needed a serious concern for all of us, where we are heading as a Muslims? We don’t know what Quran is actually saying to us. Will our Children be able to learn and understand Quran?

We are very much inspired with western tradition and advancements they have made in every walk of life. Our youth is adopting their culture but majority of our religious scholars are doing nothing except condemnation? Criticism is not enough at all. We have to make strategy to encounter all these influence and to spread the true message of Almighty and Islam. In Modern time, we have an example of Islamic Banking that is flourishing with leaps and bounds. There is a cure need of coordination between religious scholars and Scientists & engineers.

Working on developing matters that are reflecting our views, preserving our identity and quick adaptation to the new technologies, if we do this then the wind will flow in our favor; there are many examples of this. When In Abbassids time, Non-Muslims have an edge in Philosophy, the Muslims of that time adopt to the Philosophy and then through this justify their point-of-view and this is the period when Muslims flourish in the philosophy. They also developed Elm-ul-Qalam subject. So the history is also telling the same that adoption of newer trends are essential to stand in better position.

 Thus, to make our children better cope with the divine knowledge and to understand Allah’s message Mr. M. Imran, Islamic Banker and IBA teacher, put an idea and present this to as an assignment to the successive groups and come up with the development of a mobile application “Quick Quran”,

The application is based on this story: 

When Teacher ask in a class would anybody read the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” every student present in the class node their heads in affirmation and much exited to tell the theme of this story, some children also watched the respective movie. The teacher then changed the question and ask who read the Holy Quran, all the students again node their heads in affirmation but when teacher asked them to tell the theme of parah 1, everyone started to see each other faces and no one reminds the theme.

Quick Quran set out with a mission to change this phenomenon. It works on the principle of Mnemonics to help users memorize key theme of the Quran. It did not seek to delve deeply into the interpretation of the Holy Quran but rather set out to capture the main essence of each Parah and Surah and form a story line in the form of key words. The basic idea being that, once anyone remembers these key words, he can understand the basic theme of a parah or surah and at least know what he just read about. If a particular key word or theme interests him or her, he can then seek out detailed interpretations and translations of the particular parah/surah. In this manner this application seeks to develop an understanding of Quran especially among Children. Just grasping the theme may one day ignite an interest in them to thoroughly read the Quran and taking command on the Allah’s verses.

This effort of Mr. M. Imran is highly appreciable. As we all knows Software industry is booming in Pakistan. Software developers must show their concerns on this issue and should developed more applications like this that can benefit us to be connected with Almighty and his messages in our everyday life. These are the real weapons of modern world and we being Muslim must be ready to fight using this so that we can better encounter the cultural and moral attacks of other non-Muslim societies.

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