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The current health care system is neither, healthy, caring nor a system.

The current health care system is neither, healthy, caring nor a system.

This quote is very true when we look at the upper class of our country that includes Bureaucrat’s, Business tycoons, and majority of the Politicians.

It’s the responsibility of the government to provide the people of the country with good health facilities. And our elected politicians always claim that the country has best doctors and good health facilities then my question is…

Why did Mariam Nawaz go abroad for the treatment of her knee sprain?

Why is Pervaiz Musharaff seeking for treatment in hospitals abroad,even when the army has best doctors and they have claimed that Mushraff can be treated in the country?

Why did  Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff go to London for his check up?

This proves that our country Lords claiming in providing best health facilities is a just a tall claim. Does this mean They don’t want to risk their lives under these facilities.

In words of Ed Pastor “Make health care a right not privilege.”

If health care would have been given privilege then the sufferings of the Thar people would have ended a month back.

I believe that we have returned to the time of slavery where our elected people have the power to rule on us and enjoy the luxuries on our expense. Whatever they earn is to be kept safe in SWISS BANKS.

Our elected Lords are in the process of modernizing the country by different ways. Their concern is self achievement. They don’t want to fight on health issues, because this will give the doctor the credit and nothing will come in their bags.

For these people giving the gift of Metro bus is important. In this they can procure handsome money for themselves and which will lead to an addition of another zero in their bank balances.

 Our country doesn’t need Metro Bus Service. The idea of Metro Bus is a need of a developed country. The Metro Bus service is not a gift but another way of sucking the blood of the citizens.

 Our need is good roads and good traffic system where we our cars can run smoothly. The Lords have no idea what people go through when they are travelling in buses. Has any politician travelled in a bus in his constituency after being elected?

The answer is NO..

Today where we stand as a nation I don’t know but I definitely know one fact that we are the small fishes being eaten up by the bigger fishes, namely our elected Cabinet….

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