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Dreams are made with sweat and discomfort, effort and uncertainty and moments of success and failure. They’re kneaded together with sacrifice and generosity and held together with drive, perseverance and surrender.

Relationships are like that too. And so are the Heroes. How can we become Heroes?

Everyday people can become heroes. A Hero is someone who helps and does things for other people and change things for the better. Anyone could become a hero if they tried to stand up for what is right or in some ways helped people or the environment. An everyday person could be a hero by giving food to the poor or by buying something from someone who will give the money to a good cause.

You can give children a second chance in life

Sponsoring is an excellent way of helping children who, through no fault of their own, have nothing and no-one following war, famine, natural disaster or poverty.

You, the sponsor of a child living in poverty, are a hero. And you may not feel like a hero, but you are one. 


With every letter, every prayer and every donation you show a child a very important truth. A truth that tells them that they are not doomed to the poverty they wake up to in the morning. Truth that they are loved SO much that there is another person in the world who sees them and wants God’s best for them.

Because when you sponsor a child, you are speaking truth to a boy or girl who battles poverty’s lie – “you don’t matter, so give up” – day in and day out.

Sponsor a child and you’ll offer them real hope now and in the future. That’s because your money will help provide them with a stable childhood in a permanent home, as well as access to healthcare and quality education. So, when they reach adulthood, they can go on to lead full and independent lives. 

And that’s what heroes do. They speak truth. So if you are ever having a bad day and wonder if you are making a difference in the world, just remember this…She is smiling because of You! 


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