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Is Censor Board Playing its role?

Censor Board is supposed to be an institution for the protection of viewers by controling the content that should be allowed by the TV channels, movies makers and theater producers. Being an Islamic Country, our censor board has failed to fulfill its duties. In my opinion the board is saleable to any bidder. If they feel they can make money, their rules and regulations will be catered according to the bidder’s need. What they forget is the basis of censorship.

The trend the private channels are following is to be criticized by censor board. These channels include also the news channels that are showing reenactment of different stories they find out.

For example the intimacy shown on these channels makes uncomfortable to watch with my whole family, that includes grandparents, parents, brother, sister, uncle and aunt.

Many years back when the drama Dhoop Kinaray was telecasted the director Saira Kazmi was criticized. When you look at that drama there was no such scene which should have been criticized but at that time censor board felt the need and criticism came.

Today most of the dramas aired should receive strong criticism .We need to move with time, but that doesn’t mean that we forget about our values.

Grand Parents, Parents, Uncle And Aunt are still the same. The levels of respect, the moral values have not been changed. You can still not use bad language with them, as shown in dramas today.

Our dramas are copied and tailored according to the western society. The number of loved marriages we see in our society is because of the influence of the dramas. The girls and boys running away, and dating and having secret relations is because of the lowest degree of censor ship on the aired content.

Creating awareness and making youth rebellious is different.

Recently the porn video of Meera was the talk of the town. 

We banned you tube due to a correct reason, shouldn’t this video have been banned too. Everyone saw it and then it was being discussed in the news channels. What did the censor board or the Islamic Council did?

The answer is nothing. According to the laws of Islamic which is the talk of the news these days, it should be stoning to death if the person is married and flogging if he was not married.

None of the punishments were ordered and the matter is only being dragged by the courts.

I am not a judge of right and wrong but who ever will read will not have a different opinion either.

 We cannot take rightly steps and then even call ourselves as the citizens of ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN.

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