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Musharraf – a man of unwavering loyalty

General Pervez Musharraf is a proud, brave and competent General of Pakistan Army. One of the best armies of the world. His bravery displayed during the Kargil operation has been admired by the arch enemy, Indian Army commander. His military success, achieved in the battle field of Kargil heights were lost by the civilian leadership on the negotiating table, converting victory into a defeat.

His return from abroad, despite all advisery opinions to avoid his return. Knowing the unpredictable and revengeful traditional political culture of our society, he boldly decided to present himself in front of the law as a loyal citizen of the state, instead of cowardly dodging the state laws by seeking asylum or hiding away from his own beloved homeland.

Our enemies took full advantage of the opportunities presented explosively through national media by some of our own hyper, commercial and less visioned, pseudo intellectuals. In the heat of their excited selfish narrative, they overlooked the colossal damage caused to the national unity and patriotism, by polarising the society and creating a dangerous wedge between the to important state institutions.

All is well when ends well. In his befitting soldierly wisdom, Pervez Musharraf has excellently performed during the whole saga, behaving with dignity and sagacity. He has dented the plan of the cynical lobbies who were all out for attacking the moral of the defence forces and spirit of pakistani nation. The crisis has further strengthened our state institutions and confidence in our abilities, as a nation to overcome serious, critical, ardour events as and when confront us.

Pakistani Nation merit a definite pat. Congrats Pakistan. Long live Pakistan.

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