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We just want our city back!

“Qatal chuptay thay kabhi sang ki dewaar ke beech…

Ab tou khulnay lagay maqtal bharay bazaar ke beech…”

The situation in Karachi is what ‘used to be’ alarming but now is just a part of our everyday lives. Innocent people are butchered daily, tortured to death, for no reason at all. Not even ransom or money. It gets weirder if you think about it. Why would someone even want to shoot down random people on the streets? Who really wants what? What on earth can someone possibly get out of slaughtering innocent citizens he doesn’t even know? Whose battle is this, anyway?  And who is winning? God knows!

Another type of constantly increasing street crime is mobile snatching. Anyone with a galaxy node, Lumia, Blackberry or S III also owns a Q-mobile E 120 or Nokia 2330. Pakistanis would understand why. There was a time when getting your mobile snatched was actually a big deal in Karachi. A story worth sharing. Now, it’s just a part of our lives. I am sure 99% of the Pakistanis reading this have either experienced it themselves or have known someone who has. But who really cares? Unless, of course, it’s their phone getting snatched.

Last Ramadan, these robbers showed up at our relatives’ house to, of course, ROB them.  But what the funny part was that some of them were actually fasting and they left after having “iftari”. Now, I know this sounds like an episode of “Bulbulay” but I swear it really happened! See how normal and mainstream it’s become.

Moreover; “Bhatta Khouri”, “Bori Bund Lashein”, “Lyari Gang War” and “Short term kidnapping” aren’t alien to most of us anymore.

“Karachi mein firing aur purtashadud waqiyat mein mazeed 4 afraad jan bhaq hogaye”

 We’ve heard it all so often it’s actually starting to sound monotonous. I repeat, once, there was definitely a time when all of this used to be less common and probably a big deal. When the city of bloodshed and target killing used to be the city of lights.

Then, things changed, times changed, people changed, governments change… Karachi changed. But if we really think over all this once, it won’t be difficult to find a common factor in all of this. Weapons— which are, no doubt, “not licensed” or “illegal.”

But where do all these illegal weapons actually come from?

Few could have imagined, “through the police” could be the answer.

Yes! The very police appointed to protect us from all sorts of terrorism and crimes. The very police responsible to safeguard our rights, property and lives. The police that is currently active in the badam-e-zamana “Karachi operation”.

(For those who aren’t aware of the matter, here is the link to the story exposed by Sare Aam www.arynews.tv/en/sar-e-aam-team-exposes-fraudulent-cops-complicit-selling-arms)

But what is the point anyway? You arrest those involved, confiscate their weapons and sell them back illegally to the terrorists again? (I said “terrorists” because it’s quite obvious what someone who buys illegal arms wants to do with them). What do you possibly expect to get out of the operation if this continues? What is the final outcome?

Furthermore, if an SHO is not capable of controlling illegal activities going on in his police station, how do you expect him to control crime in the area he is appointed in? To safeguard the lives of those living there?

No doubt, the police is making sacrifices on their part. National heroes like Chaudhary Aslam will always be remembered but what about the police officials in Nabi Bux Police station that not only helped the culprits involved in the illegal practice but helped them escape too!

So go ahead! Give it your best. Have a thousand targeted operations if you wish. But you will never be able to end any of this madness unless you truly address the issue. We don’t need your explanations. We don’t need your excuses. We just want our city back!

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