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The Duty of Youth Is to Challenge Corruption-Kurt Cobain

This era is known as the youth era. Everyone talks about youth to take leadership and stand for their problems, and rights. It is the youth who is supposed to push the entire setup on the positivity rollercoaster. But they are unaware is of the fact that the rollercoaster is being operated by the BABA’s of our country, the CORRUPT MINDSET.

In connection to our youth I got the opportunity to watch the show Sar-e- Aam on ARY News. This program was regarding the fake Aamils.  The program host Iqrar ul Hassan said that it took him two years for the compilation for the show and then it is telecasted. The efforts made by this youth were commendable. His effort for the crackdown of these Aalims was the need of the day. The work our police should have done was done by him.

In the end of the show he made the Fake Aamils take promise to discontinue their mal practice and lead a normal life, so that many lives can be saved. Iqrar ul Hassan with the AAmils painted the walls of the chalking and the show ended on the happy note.

Later in the night when I drove to Bahadurabad with my family I saw similar wall chalking of Aamils. It was a total disappointment for me because the efforts of the youth Iqrar Ul Hassan went down the drain. The fake Aamils started their practices because they got themselves bailed because of our corrupt system.

As quoted by Albert Einstein “The only way to escape personal corruption of praise is to go on working.”

This is what all the youth is doing. All news channels has qualified and learned youth who conducts daring programs for its viewers. They put their lives on stake to create awareness for us and to beware us from the corruption that is being carried out in all walks of our life.

These youthful anchors of different channels have focused on Guuttaks, Spices, meat, Food colors and many more to fill the list, but has it been fruitful. NO is the answer. The culprits have their resources to pave their ways out and re start their business.

The system has become so corrupt that nothing can be done about it.

The whole setup is hit by termites and now fumigation is not possible. We can only safeguard ourselves in our domains only.

The slogan of CHANGE OF SYSTEM is not our requirement. We need to educate people so the barriers of corruption can be broken. And this should start from Grass route level. 

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