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Pearls of Wisdom by Sultan Rahi

I have never displayed any liking for this man who had a jet black beard clung to his fiery face and a broad puffy chest hidden beneath those silk tunics except for amusement purposes. However one night, drugged and defeated by my upheavals once again, I decided to lighten myself up a bit by watching one of the eight hundred and thirteen movies of Sultan Rahi. Two minutes gone by and the plot seem to follow the similar weary old track. A macho, steroid-ridden man eying a chubby lady dancing around him. But the movie took a slight turn when the lady, instead of luring Sultan Rahi by her ‘charming dance moves’  was actually taunting him.

Turned out that the lady was actually Sultan Rahi’s conscience and was compelling him to destroy his gross habit of eating raw meat!! That’s right, the character in all his ‘perfection’ had a major flaw and that was his obsession with consuming RAW MEAT in bigger proportions! Now, i’m going somewhere with this, bear with me.

Sultan Rahi, highly annoyed by his conscience was about to lose it when two if his nasty looking enemies appeared in the scene. Somehow, they were aware of his weakness and had brought along, you guessed it! Raw meat! Armed with two hind legs of a goat (skinned of course) they charged at him with full speed and bludgeoned him. Sultan Rahi collapsed and took down the leg pieces with him and started chewing on them ravenously. Just then his conscience in the form a fine-looking damsel reappeared and started laughing at him. Humiliated and disgusted himself, he threw the meat aside and got to work!

After this there was a commercial break and after what I had just witnessed I didn’t have a teaspoon worth of tolerance left in me to watch the cheap low grade commercials too, therefore i changed the channel.

However, the moral of this movie is quite important in our daily lives. You see, we can not defeat our other enemies unless we defeat the biggest enemy which is residing inside of all of us. Our strong unhealthy desires certainly hold us down in this race, without us even knowing it! The analogy used to convey this moral is certainly commendable I must say.

That’s all from me. I must go and wage a war with the demons inside me..

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