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Load-Shedding Or Irresponsibility??

A voluntary compliance with whatever is associated to a conscientious state of mind, aimed at the observance of ethical duties, so as to save the destruction of state possessions and the development of a sense to abide by the rules set; is must to to be transpired among each citizen, whosoever.

Saving energy and going green is the greatest challenge to be met with serious concentration by all of us and at the earliest.As many as a few tips are needed to be taken into consideration to turn the environment neat, green and eco-friendly. Tips are enlisted below:

·         One can benefit from natural daylight at its utmost.

·         The use of  Light Emitting Diodes and Induction Lamps is highly beneficial for outdoor lighting because of their longer life and greater-efficiency as compared to equal-ranged conventional tube-lights and lamps.

·         Especially in dusty areas, one must clean, light bulbs on a regular basis. This is because dirt minimizes the diffusion of light and hence decreases illumination.

·         Immediately turn off those lights that are not in use.

·         Use exhaust fans in the kitchen, laundry and washrooms.

·         Apply weather stripping and caulking around all doors and windows to keep the chilled air inside your house.

·         Try not to rely on automatic systems of air conditioners and switch them immediately as soon as you leave the particular room

” It has also been observed that people switch on their room air conditioners almost half an hour prior to their actual use and close the room doors, to get a proper cooling. Remember!!!!! Such acts may be pleasing for you or some others at home, but can snatch a lot of energy which could have been utilized for productive purposes by others. “

·         Turn off all lights and electrical equipments when not in use.

·         Be aware of inside and outdoor temperatures and plan accordingly.

·         To reduce the heat entering through glass, you may use shades, drapes, awnings, and reflective-type of  materials.

·         Make sure that you do not forget to turn fans off when you leave the room.

·         Avoid using extra-old  air conditioners, because if an Air Conditioner is more than ten  years old, it doubles the cooling costs.

·         For a suitable circulation of air, use ceiling fans. They consume less energy and can make you feel comfortable even at higher thermostat settings.

·         Adjust  your air conditioner thermostat at 78 or 79 degree Fahrenheit. An optimum performance can be gained at 26 degrees centigrade (almost 79°F), especially in countries like Pakistan, Nepal, India and Bangladesh. Enhancing each degree can mean up to 9% savings on cooling costs.

·        Make it a habit to either clean or replace the filter of your air conditioner monthly so that your air conditioner runs in an effectual manner

·         Try to set  your refrigerator temperature at 38 or 39 degrees Fahrenheit.

·         However, the temperature of the freezer should be maintained at 10 degree Fahrenheit.

·         Make sure that you defrost your freezer when ice or frost buildup is 1/4″ or thicker.

·         Check your refrigerator/freezer door gasket periodically for signs of deterioration.

·         Vacuum or brush the cooling coils of rear side at least twice each year.

·         Use lesser amounts of water for cooking purposes and try to use the lowest possible heat to maintain steaming or boiling.

·         Whenever you leave home for more than a day or two, properly switch off all major electrical appliances and turning off the electrical and gas supply from the main board, will work as a good option, in this regard.

After all, the targets of saving the environment from several and severe threats can only be made possible by the reduction of energy consumption and carrying out a venture directed towards a sustainable tomorrow, that’s indeed what we need today.

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