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I am scared of worms!!

Like every Pakistani I am fighting with many problems these days. My biggest concerns are to reach home safely without facing traffic jam, protests, law and order situation and wasting time in a long queue for CNG. I don’t want to lose my salary, mobile, laptop, car and jewelry in street crimes because I am working harder for these luxuries and have made many comprises to provide these to myself and family. I am frightened of losing my loved ones in blast and target killings. I am afraid of talibans,I am afraid of drones and last but not the least I am afraid of being accuse of the crime I never committed.

But, these days my worries are different. I am scared of worms that are hungry after eating livestock of poor families of Thar Parker which was locked in stores and probably these invertebrates are now planning to attack personnel like me who are busy in their own lives and have forgotten the social and moral responsibilities we have as a Muslim. Being a follower of Holy prophet (peace be upon him and his family) we are obliged to take care of our neighbors who are sleeping hungry; Our religion has ordered us to spend a particular  amount of our earning in the form of Sadqa, Zakat  etc on those who are unable to fetch  basic necessities of  life. Unfortunately we have forgotten all these rules which can benefit the needy and deserving portion of our society.

We are living in a country which is rich in agriculture and where more important crops are wheat, sugarcane, cotton, and rice, which together account for more than 75% of the value of total crop output. A country where even middle class spend lot of money in Pizza Hut, MacDonald’s,KFC etc for ordinary birthday and promotion celebrations. In marriages it is common to offer more than two to three dishes to guests. it is hard to believe that a country having  hundreds of charitable organizations receiving  millions of funds from national and international resources and more then hundred  children of that country prey of drought and starvation  . Recently there was a huge cultural celebration in sindh and unhappily just after that we received this heartbreaking news clearly showing the attitude of our so called democratic parties and leaders towards the affairs of state.

It was clear that distribution of wheat was not appropriate at all and the question Is arising in my mind either it was worms who were eating that food or the cruel and selfish human beings sucking blood of those victims. Blame game has been started but this is a reality that all of us are somehow responsible for these deaths.

We can be the next target of these worms; they can eat our livestock, our brains and our masses in graves if we neglect the voices and mourning poems around. So, this is exactly the right time to wake up and to raise voice and hands together for them. We have to contribute whatever we can and surely the little contribution will guard us and our children from facing the same in future. Cool dude!!!!Who cares …. let’s have dinner tonight at Do Darya…

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