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The mala-fide politics of Imran Khan

During the regime of former Pakistani spy chief — Ahmed Shuja Pasha, his blue-eyed political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf had emerged as a symbol of ‘revolution’ in Pakistan. Undoubtedly, the political party as a sloganeer of change, Pakistan Justice Movement, procured tremendous support of the nation and especially it beguiled young blood. The cricketer-turned-politician PTI chief, Imran Khan Niazi came to the fore as the new hope for the nation. He congregated a mammoth crowd of his supporters by exploiting political and social crisis of the society. By kicking-off the nation-wide election campaign for 2013-general-polls, Mr Khan made scores of promises to clinch maximum support in the numerous different spans of time. Thereafter enjoying gigantic support, Khan dreamt that his party had swept elections and he had become the new premier of the state. After the commencement of polls, Imran Khan couldn’t become the premier of the country but his party succeeded in devising a provincial government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Fast forward, the time manifested all promises — claims as ‘volatile’ and they all went down the drain.

Mr Khan had professed before polls that PTI would end corruption in 90 days — contrary to this, a number of corruption cases have surfaced in the dominion of the same party. PTI chief had also pledged to eliminate terrorism in 90 days whilst the nation has beheld the ambivalent 

stance of Khan on militancy and extremism. Following the fresh reports of interior ministry, K-P is the most affected province of terror attacks; PTI government has failed to give adequate security to the people. In the report, it has been reported that 327 terror attacks were recorded in K-P during the last six months but still Imran vows dialogues instead of combat action against Taliban butchers and such acts of Khan depict his inclination towards Taliban. In-short, in spite of saving innocent lives, the party and its leadership are trying to save the lives of anti-state terrorists.

The persona of Imran Khan:

Let’s figure out the character of Imran Khan — is he really the last hope for the country?

Before evaluating Imran Khan’s persona, we have to study the quality of a leader. One of the core attributes of leadership is punctuality, now we have to check, either the PTI chief fulfills this basic quality or not.

A glimpse from the past — in 2002, prominent political parties of different shades had pledged to implement “anti-corruption package”. Out of 12 political parties, 10 political parties had agreed to attend the session whilst PPP, PAT and Imran Khan’s PTI were absent. The politics of PTI spins around the anti-corruption efforts and it was established to eradicate the prevailed corruption but unfortunately the same party couldn’t attend the meeting that was organized against corruption.

The self-assumed premier of Pakistan, Imran Khan, is the most absent opposition member of the house. Yes, the change cannot be brought via dragging people on the roads. The messiah of burgers [elite class] can’t even take part in the parliament sessions then on which basis he claims to bring a change in the system whilst he is following the footprints of same corrupt system. Can a man bring any change or challenge the engineered system who embraces the norms of the same system?

Yes, the same Khan had marked plenty of statements in the honor of judiciary system and his party was the one of those political forces which played a vital role in the restoration movement of former Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. Contrary, all rounder Khan had faced the case regarding the violation of code of conduct but he did not appear in court despite receiving summons issued by returning officer.

In July, 2013 — second all parties conference [APC] was called to moot the catastrophes of war-on-terror and ‘the ray of hope’ Khan was attending the royal gathering which was hosted by Prince Charles of United Kingdom. In the personal trip, he met his ex-wife Jemima Khan too. Being a revolutionary leader, shouldn’t he have to appear at APC on priority basis instead of enjoying drinking and dancing? According to his political advisor, he went to UK for his medication and while he visited the charity event of ‘The Elephant Family Ball’ but was unfit to attend the APC.

Meanwhile in 2014 — stalwart Imran Khan was absent when the security policy was being discussed in National Assembly of Pakistan. Mr Khan could join the most important session by using the service of Tareen Airlines but he didn’t. Security policy was not only significant for the country rather than it was crucial for his K-P government as well. PTI chief gave precedence to stay at Jhang rather than joining the assembly’s session. These immature acts display his so-called sincerity and lack of interest with the homeland.

Imran Khan’s virtue of punctuality has not only been regarded in the country rather he is notable for his negative aspects in foreign countries too. Recently, the student union of Bradford University has demanded to dismiss PTI chief from the chancellor portfolio. Since 2010 — Khan did not appear at any convocation ceremony of the university. In the outlook of university students, the Pakistani politician mistreated and neglected them. They asked Khan to opt one, either the politics or the chancellor portfolio.

I want to reply university students, when a man cannot participate in the pivotal events of his country then how can he join graduation ceremony of your university? This is called the mala-fide politics, when you claim a lot to do and on the other side you cannot fulfill an essential leadership quality — to maintain your presence. Such politicians can only attract the immature supporters who do not understand ‘What is politics?’ Yes, majority of politicians do not fulfill the leadership qualities and therefore they do not have right to dream that they are the only hope for the nation.

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