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On Following Your Heart

you open up those eyes. it's the sun rays hitting them hard. it's morning. the birds are chirping. and your heart's beating. it's a beautiful day. the clouds are beaming with hope. and it's all shining down on you. it's all rainbows and sunshine. yes, it's true. there is such a thing; rainbows and sunshine. you hop out of bed and take a shower. you don't turn the light of the washroom on. you like the sunlight saturated – in your room, in your life. everything seems perfect right now. but it's not. your heart is aching. and it's aching because it has wings now. and the wings keep trying to break free.

a long time ago, you grew up. along with that, your mind and heart grew up too. but you never noticed. you went on about living your life, with your blood flowing through every vein, every artery. little did you realize that they went up to your brain too, supplied most of what you had in your blood to it. the heart kept beating, and showing you you're alive. you were.

you grew, you saw the world and you learnt more and more about it. your eyes absorbed all the knowledge and sent it straight to the brain. but there's something in your body that's just not in sync. you see, your mind processed al lthe information, but as the blood flowed, the refined beauty of the knowledge went to your heart, but bit by bit. slowly, your heart had a mind of it's own. and that is when the war started.

the war started because your heart began to grow up too.

your mind was a window to the world. but your heart had a whole new agenda. it was in communication with even the hidden parts of your mind. you see, your blood, it's a marvelous invention of God. it connects your whole body. even the parts in the dark distant corners. that's how feelings come into your heart. that's how your heart grows. that's how your heart grows wings.

with the time that's keeping on passing by, your mind absorbs itself in the world it sees. while your heart invests itself in the freedom of being. this clashes with the ideologies both posses. your heart fights hard, but it knows its hidden deep down, whereas mind has more control over your functioning than the heart. the heart is supposed to be a medium to keep things alive.


it does more than that. it keeps your "self" alive. and the brain has no control over it.

when the wars wage, and the mind and the heart fight, the soul aches.

the story of the soul is a very weird one; your soul is supposed to be a ghost like thing that keeps you alive. in fact, your soul is this thin sheer, light being which gets caught up in the battle of the heart and mind every day. it's this neighboring entity that takes residence in your body because a human body is supposed to be the most peaceful, calm and serene place to live in. a human body is supposed to be the calm of the sun rays in a dusty old book, that just exist. it just exists. the soul knows it. that's why it's there. to be at peace. but the war that goes on in your body, it keeps the soul restless.

that is when your life kicks in. your life, the one you are supposed to be living, is being influenced by what goes in to the brain. the heart tells the brain to not give in to all the brain sees and hears, that the heart knows better. but the brain thinks it's superior to the heart and let's the body know that. while the heart beats, the soul cries, and the brain rules, the body just snaps.

the body breaks.

they say it's heart break. true, the heart breaks bit by bit, but how long can a body at war within itself last? the body has to let go too.

sleep. it's supposed to keep harmony. it's supposed to bring peace. but with so many struggles going on, sleep is merely a water break, instead of a vacation the body sorely needs.

so what do you do? give in to your mind? give in to your heart?

you need to know that in your life, there are other bodies besides yours and you touch them in so many more ways than you know. vibes do have a way of coming back to us. with this battle that goes on inside we are or aren't aware of (yet), we should consider if we'd want this conflict to be absorbed by our life.

so will you? follow your heart?

because if you don't let the heart win, you've lost a battle of love, life, and longing – to be.

you've lost the battle of being.

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