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Morning shows and TV Anchors……

Are disgusting to say the least. But, claims my opponents the ratings are soaring, people want to watch this crap (excuse me), and there it is – plain and simple – You get what you want. So why are you cribbing and complaining.

What does one do? Am I the only living person in this land of ours who is hating the stupidity, the shallowness, the sheer nonsense, the uber wastage of money and time, the crassness of the hosts and the participants alike? Am I the only woman who is wondering why are we as women addicted (I'm guessing) to such rubbish and rot? Is there no other form of entertainment for housewives, and other women at home? Do we think our women so inert and lifeless that a daily dose of utter poisonous waste material will inject some sense of being alive? Are the lives of our women so dull and lackluster that we must watch horrendous wedding ceremonies taking place on Nida Pasha's and Shaista's shows to feel alive?

This has gotten me all riled up? I want to know why perfectly normal and sensible women would waste time watching a whole bunch of inane nobodies make a complete fool of themselves. There are reasons which I think drive our women to such garbage and I put forth my arguments:

Lack of discretion: Our women, no, we Pakistanis lack the ability to differentiate between good, average, mediocre, bad and actually evil. We simply don't know how to tell the difference, And there is a very good reason for this lack, our education, which is based on the obsolete theory of "pouring water in an empty vessel' we are taught to listen and memorize whatever is told to us by our teachers and what's written in our books. Whether the teacher knows anything himself, and whether the books are credible is a question we can never think of raising. For raising questions isn't on the slyabi, we are not trained to ask, to question, to wonder, to think, to imagine and hence to dream. Whatever is served to us is good and the truth and thus valid. This is a pathetic situation to be in. Just consider this for a moment, every Morning Show, more or less, does the same thing day in day out, and gains viewers. Yet, when show is off the air for any reason and people start talking bad about it suddenly the public opinion moulds the same way! Nadia Khan's morning show is an case in point.



A severe deficiency of Intellect on the part of our public, both men and women: A morning of flipping channels convinces anyone with half a mind that most of these shows are waste of precious time. Besides hosting marriage ceremoines with unheard of traditions like "ghulabi" of a dulhan and what not. Never mind the fact that dulhan is nearing 50 and the dulha is a jerk who has no personality of his own (the very fact he agrees to something so disagreeable says it all). The couple usually being married are already married! surprise surpise, and not only that they have children by the dozen [help me GOD]. The discussions if you call them that – revolves round, to the dulhan being asked by the host – “aap ko inki kiya baat buri lagti hai?” HUH? (if I were to tell about my husband the list would be endless), how inane is this question. Another favorite, “aap pehley bar kahan milay thay?”, “kiya arranged ya love marriage hai?” all these questions are legitimate and fine provided we are really asking celebrities who are popular to the hilt – why and who in the world would want to know for the millionth time how Saud (a non-entity) met the love of his life. Then talk usually veers towards ahem – ‘serious’ issues like susral ki saath rehnay ke asool, aurtoon to hi nibhanay hotay hein rishte [kill me], Mian ka larkiyon mein poular hona. UFFFFFFFFFFFFFF these are non-issues and also who cares? if the Mian is a balding 50ish shadow of a man. You can argue that with so much killings and violence in our society these shows provide relief, and that I think is the key to their popularity. But then in our country every stupid show is popular? 

Tv is an escape. We have become so disconnected as humans even at personal levels that we'd rather watch a show on TV together than talk? Food is eaten while watcing TV, It's every woman's background music, maids watch it while cleaning, even waiting areas have TV showing news etc. TV to be is a great piece of technology to be enjoyed once in a while, and yes vapid programs can be given the time of the day, but religiously watching women decked up with garish makeup, heavy artificial jewellery, ostentatious atrocious frock like clothes, hairdos reaching the sky or the depths of the floor, the dholak, the extras who do nothing but look vaccous and empty headed which they actually are is unbearable to the hilt.

I have delibrately put in my pet peeve Sahir Lodhi's picture here, for he moves from channel to channel like Rooney tossing football. What is with that? I am told he thinks and so do his fans that he looks like Shahrukh Khan. errrr well, judgement reserved on this one. Looking like someone and being like that person, my dearest Mr.Lodhi are two different things. You may look like him but you have no charisma, no class, above all you haven't heard of the word humility and why you are so full of yourself is so beyond me that I have now started to question my own understanding of the word. Please do us a favor and take up another profession for you are unbearable.


Amber 'this thing' has been on TV since time immemorial, am I right or am I right? Since I was in diapers she was showing women how to become witches by putting on layers of makeup in terrifying colors, then she started counseling on heatlh issues, and there was a line of callers asking for advice on how to lenthen hair and make their skin glow. She would have quacks telling weird desi totkas which sounded unworkable and potentially dangerous. I am told there is a sister as well, somewhere hovering as an extra on the sets and this makes me wonder how such stupid people have siblings by the dozen all doing the same thing – being nonsensical that is, hint hint, the Lodhi siblings.

Also,I would like an explanation to the fact, how come every so called celebrity of Pakistan has managed to grab a hosting job. You name it and the bugger is on TV with a totally unnecessary program. Be it Nouman Ijaz, Mahira, Faisal Qureishi, and countless others whose names I haven't a clue of.

It is a conundrum to me. Really, the reasons for the popularity of such stupitidy on TV. I wonder how much we have degraded mentally that whatever is low, cheap, double-meaning, having no meaning pleases us no end. This just shows our mental depravity, our shallowness, our meanness and failure to evolve as mature thinking people.


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