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Halal food for thought!!

We Muslims here in the west face many challenges due to all the propaganda in media against muslims but how do a common person feel for a common Muslim man is a totally different and admirable gesture and a food for thought for the entire Muslim community.

There are no two thoughts on the diplomacy and the indecent desire of few powerful countries' governing politicians today who dreams to rule the world and forcefully impose their superiority by hook or by crook, but my intention was shifted from this big screen to the general ordinary men of the west when I noticed the amount of charity they do for everyone.

The generosity of the common man is worth mentioning as they don't discriminate on the basis of any discriminating criteria whatsoever. They help to provide mosquito net to someone in Africa and they also give to arrange a blanket for someone in Syria.

Their acts are not according to any foreign policy and they are not asking anything in return,not even a thank you note. I recently found an organisation who are helping poverty struck countries and lend them micro loans and contribute for the betterment of everyone irrespective of their country of origin, their colour of skin or whether or not they keep beard or wear a veil.

Their message is 'defending dignity, fighting poverty' as those less fortunate ones can grow their small businesses with the much needed capital and can return the amount interest free in easy instalments and live with dignity. The surprising reality upon finding out further on their website was that many requests from Pakistanis were for repayment of their existing loans that they are paying the local lenders with hefty interest rates and made a request to clear their dues as they have already paid a lot more than the original amount borrowed.

Of course nothing new for us, as the rules are there in the holy book about interest and all so we can continue with the feeling of pride instead of shame like the way we do when a scientist discovers that the world is not flat, and we laugh that ha ha! We knew it, when the doctor explains the development of an embryo in stages,we say ha ha! It's already written in the book we have,even recently re-circulated news on Facebook when the marine scientist mentioned that fresh and marine water doesn't get mixed up,the halocline phenomena and everybody was giving reference to the phrase in the holy book that it was written many hundred years ago. 

Well according to the same book, the intention and acts of these people most of whom doesn't even prefer to show their identity and help the needy is also mentioned and it seems that such individuals are in good books in His eyes and all these needy people receiving the help from them are in forever debt of their kindness and generosity.

Only the unaware believes that the media propaganda is one sided and there are no wrong doers on the other end, through their mischief they managed to declare eating their food non halal by disrespectfully calling them physically impure, yes only physically because no one knows the true intentions of anyone, but the message of humanity by these pure souls and kind hearted human beings is a moment of ponder for us all I think and is indeed 100% 'halal' food for thought!!

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