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12 Years a slave- A Lesson to learn

Many books and movies have been based on the slavery but this movie captures my attention a lot. The atrocities of the White man on the world, especially with the Negroes were horrible. As we all know, they treat them like their property and do what they want to satisfy their greed.

The 12 Years a slave movie starts with a happy life of a Solomon Northup, a black American Free-man. He was good in playing violin and that becomes the cause of his trap in the hands of two white-man abductors. He then transported to southern American state and sold as a Slave with new name of Pled, a new identity of him as a slave. He resisted this change of identity but due to harsh treatment of his master accept it as his fate, like a police in our country treated the innocent person to accept things, which he never even thought.

The story then moves around the brutality of these white-man against their slaves. They are sold in the market, like cows, sheep or more like mobile, showing their features to the potential customers. They don’t care about their emotions, as movie depicts that how they separately sold the mother with their children and present the girl mentioning those aspects of her to satisfy their dirty greed. That’s why Solomon said:

“Really, it was difficult to determine which I had most reason to fear-dogs, alligators or men!”

How can you detach the emotions from human? This is the soul of materialistic-man having brutality in their gene and thus Solomon said;

“What difference is there in the color of the soul?”

Mr. Solomon Yes there is! Whatever their skins color is but inside them they have a black soul. These men think commercially, they lack emotions, feelings. They are Warmongers. They treated different human classes with brutality and make them violent and then present them like terrorists and show him as a Man neat and clean and the reason for this is;

“Alas! I had not then learned the measure of “man’s inhumanity to man,” nor to what limitless extent of wickedness he will go for the love of gain

However, we must appreciate the courage of white-man that they factually present their history and they are bold enough to choose it for the best movie in Baftas and is the most favorite for Oscar. When we will be courageous enough to present our history factually even though our history is much better then them.  Why we hesitate to present the bad patches and personalities in history? We should have to join the race with the world to present our ancestors and precisely shown both aspects of our history. 

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