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Democracy without Pakistan?

Whenever a democratic Government fails to deliver, the slogans of 'Conspiracy against Democracy' are heard. It is unfortunate that Pakistan was ruled by Military dictators for decades and the democratic form of Government was left aside, but it is also very surprising that these eras delivered Pakistan the most. In fact, more norms of Democracy were executed by the dictators than the democratically elected Governments.

Today's crucial situation of Pakistan demands desperate measures. The survival of the country is at risk from on going Extremism and it requires immediate/effective policy to gain back power and writ of the Government in challenged areas of the country. On one side, the Government is totally confused after calling militants as stake holders and begging them to resolve issues through a dialogue, whereas on the other side, the militants are continuously targeting Armed forces, the Law Enforcement Agencies and civilians across the country and proudly claiming through our vibrant media.

With such situation prevailing in the country, the restlessness in the Ranks of the Armed Forces is justified. Armed Forces have sworn to protect this land of pure. When the threat to the very existence of the country arise and the Government fails to take any fruitful decision, the Armed Forces react and take the driving seat. These actions could be conspiracy for some failed democratic forces, but it totally justifies the POV of the Armed forces.

Today, the Nawaz led Government is acting like an Ostrich. Head deep in the ground, they are running away from the existing threats that awaits Pakistan. The capital of the country Islamabad and the financial hub Karachi are already declared as the war zone for the Extremist militants, the Taliban. The recent report of the Wall Street Journal claims that One Third of Karachi is now controlled by the banned Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan (TTP). These claims came at a time when a  tough and surgical operation is underway in Karachi to maintain law and order.

The recent counter attacks of the Pakistan Air Force were termed as a 'reaction' to the attacks on the Army and paramilitary forces by the Government. It made it clear that the Army has made up it's mind to eliminate these extremists with force and end this growing chaos of TTP in the country. Whereas the Government is still confused over what decision to take. The National Security Policy doctrine announced by the Government is un-equipped with instant methods and strategies to counter terrorism within borders.

If the Government fails to take a decision soon and Army takes over to save the motherland, it will be justified. The democracy champs need to understand the theorem that Democracy is nothing without the existence of Pakistan. We can have this debate of which system is better later on when Pakistan's risk of sinking is being taken care of. The Government being the biggest ambassador of democracy needs to show some democratic values and perform according to the constitution. Under the constitution, there is no room for Negotiations with Anti state elements.

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