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Sentences Suspended & Myths Untold

Thousands of mothers would have sung their children to sleep today. Thousands of children would have slept with an empty gut. It’s amazing how nature has its own way of balancing out laughter and tears. Had everyone been fat and was fed well, there would be much less space on this earth to walk on.

In patriotic countries like ours, the poor pays taxes on behalf of the rich and stays awake with the sun and moon as there is no pillow left for them to rest their head on. Things that are free sell instantly yet there is always a price attached to making memories. We Asians are firm believers in the concept of half-hearted work while those working outside as waiters in restaurants drool with dedication and surety of winning success one day. No wonder Messi worked in a coffee shop or Ambani worked at a petrol filling station. Yet our brilliance is proven by the fact that we proof read our email ‘after‘ we’ve clicked the ‘send‘ button.

It’s funny how we get bored of repetitive and clichéd movements very quickly yet having sex in the same position every night doesn’t depict boredom at all! It’s even funnier how lovers can sit for hours on the beach staring at the half moon while grains of sand fall by.

To date, I’ve failed to figure out whether “importance” has a direct relation to “availability” or an inverse one. In this astonishing journey of life, those who can’t connect to others tend to become great artists because there’s no one left for them to share the hidden art with. Guess it is our imperfections and little secrets that are the good stuff because only with love comes logic.

When babies cry in a world of dreams at 3:00AM in the night, there’s no one who can understand better than a parent how to define heaven! When people die, they don’t die alone! They kill several souls with them in the search for a second resort. It is this struggle of meeting deadlines and opting for pathways that ends those 79 career choices with a jolt, the 80th one being the grave.

Auras are re-defined every second by the wind. Being jealous is mesmerizing. It establishes the missing link! Hackers work with green fonts while whiz kids work with white. The difference still remains in the intention being sought. 

The monsoon season is a bliss in itself. While the world is being washed and dried, I at times wonder whether instead of stars and moons teaching us the value of time, shouldn’t we be the ones teaching them? And then I recall father saying,

Trials and traumas are just stupid thoughts… Every moment is a bliss untold!”


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