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I am sorry Quaid

Imagine you are passing through a quite forest which is full of darkness and sounds horror. The forest is also famous about wild animal attacks. Your life is in danger. It might might be hard to breathe. You don’t know the way that leads to out of forest. Suddenly you realised you have been stuck in swamp. Your survival is impossible now. You must need someone to hold your hand and pull you out of marsh then helps you to get out of forest.

Luckily someone comes, hold your hand and try to pull you out of this situation. He might be a stupid guy who is putting his own life in danger but he is not. Actually he is feeling your pain himself and considering it as its own. He helped you until you reached your home safe and sound.

He should be an angel more then a man who put his own life in danger just because of you.

After all this you are now enjoying your new life just because of that man who saved your life.

But now the scenario has chnaged, after few years you are passing nearby the same person's home and you just spit out at his door.

Trust me if I need to explain what kind of activity is been already done then I will have to go outside of my manners circle.

I don't remember when I cried last time. But today my eyes are full of tears. I feel ashame when the culprits started giving your Grave room area on rent to perform hidden sexual activities.

He was man who scarified his whole life just to fight for our freedom. If we are breathing free and we have identification it’s all due to Quaid-E-Azam.

In the reward, what we are giving back is an old and non working ambulance which was used to take him to the hospital.

We blasted his last residency and after we gave his grave room on rent to perform hidden sexual activities.

It will be unfair if I will not appreciate the work of Sare Aam team and specially Syed Iqrar Ul Hassan. All the team and management of ARY TV are doing a great Job.

My body started shaking and my hand was stopped moving when I watched the program.

All we can say is SORRY Quaid we are embarrassed…

We all condemn this foolish activity and demand from government to punish hard to those people who are involved in this.   

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