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Not ignorance but ignorance of ignorance is the death in real” This suits best in context of Pakistan. For long we are being ascribing somewhere army and civil government for the morass we are in. Even abusing them we willingly put our choice in their favor. After a long reconnoiter I would label the interests and priorities of the people responsible for the current scenario. We shortly don’t even bother to get about “What’s going on?” Lastly I attended Media festival at Kinnaird College where the host started up with some questions and in order to seek the attention of the viewers she asked to raise the cell phones high up in the air as a responding gesture towards your interests in the question. The responses I got there were not much surprising as I already had an idea about in my sub consciousness. But the reason of mentioning it here is that it stroked my mind at once. It just left me to think over our general interests and priorities.  She firstly asks; “Who among you wants to know about a recent stunt of Amir Liaqat after Inam Ghar?” Two third majority of the crowd raised hands and the interest was recorded. Furthermore, she asked, “Any one interest to know the insights of peace Talks?” Hardly 3 or 4 hands rose. She smiled and moved to the next and inquired about “Veena Malik?” There was not a single hand down and even some raised both of their hands. She ended-up the question session by asking, “Who wants to know about Line of Control matter and the trade with India?” Not a single hand was UP instead the crowd roared aloud “Noooooo” About 200 students and staff members will witness my words right.

If you ever get a chance to have sitting with a rural inhabitant he /she will also try their best to make you sure that they are well aware and they know what’s good and what bad is. But you will never find a single logical argument on their side. This is what they are acquiesce on and had put consent over. They don’t know the weaknesses actually so how can they then try to make it better. They are not aware of the unawareness in them.

A school of thought supported by sociologist says, “If anyone is unaware of the problem he/she have than he/she will never try to get rid of it”, same problems lies here. They are given poor living standard. Even burning mid night oil they are living hand to mouth. In what lays their interest are mere petty issues. Yes! You will find them aware of and concessionary proposal or free stalls and meals anywhere. They would surely rush over it. Whole the nation is completely unidirectional.

What we have done so far? Nothing. What are we doing now? Nothing what it seems that we will be doing? Again Nothing.

This comatose is our self chosen so Why do we blame others than? Unfortunately we damn care about all the mess we are facing. Who cares about what? Let’s have a bit overview. PIFD and NCA will be fond of arrival of latest fashion week. And those dealing with literature will keep an eye on mere literary stuff. A medical student will keen to know about new innovation in medicine and likewise will do an engineer for technology.  We unfortunately live in a society where the direction of thinking in enforced. We are not free though we were born free. We eschew from the realities of life. As we are patriots and have sometime to prove it, then of course we at least discuss the issue but very sorry that discussion is mere a gibing and jeering session against particular people and parties.

We always claim feckless and avid role of politicians but have we ever looked up towards the role we had played? Absolutely NO because we aware of it that except being silent spectator role we did nothing. We know that in the name of Privatization the country is put on loot sale but Who Cares? Also we know that the Commission formed is based on nepotism and lacks professional and expertise of this field and it will cause a serious threat to our economy as a result but Who Cares?

Pakistan is at peak on internal and external threat but Who Cares? We already knew that unconstitutionally formed ECP would never give a constitutional election but we trusted the rigged election because we don’t bother it much. Drones have killed thousands of innocent lives but Who Cares? Government is failed to appoint CEO’s of 28 SOEs and they are being run by acting CEOs but Who Cares? Government has borrowed Rs 883Bn from State Bank of Pakistan for deficit financing but Who Cares?

There were 46 terror attacks in first 45 days of 2014 despite no drone. 361 people were killed and 487 injured but we don’t cares. Taliban have killed 277 civilians and 111 security forces/law enforcement agencies personnel including 27 recently slaughtered FC personals but we really don’t care. 5590 precious army officers martyred but who really cares now?

FBR recently reported that 47% of the parliamentarians are tax dodgers. 449 MPs are tax defaulters. Including 3 senators, 108 MNAs, 44 from Baluchistan, 61 from KPK, 176 from Punjab and 58 from Sindh but Who Cares? This fortitude is our own selection.

The fault lies within us. We are deceptive, we are specious, we are torpid and we are fallacious and dormant too. We are not misled or misruled rather we have renounced an oath of forbearance for long. No clamor and no outcry before we are directly and particularly stroked. We are selfish more than we can image to be!

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