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Unity among Muslims?

Welcome to the land of pure! the land where the religion "Islam" is implemented in its alleged "Original" form , Pakistan. It’s an intolerant Caliphate, meaning, only if you have strict Deobandi/ Wahhabi extremist views, you are allowed to live, otherwise, there is no other option except "Sar Qalam!"

      It used to be a country where people of different cultures and religions co-existed, until the new brand of Islam started spreading its roots here during the 70s or so, preaching hatred for all, yes all the "Other" people (other stands for anyone other than the intolerant "Islamic" ideology), instead of "Peace" and "Love" which was supposedly mistaken to be a part of Islam by the earlier scholars. Many of those enlightened, peace loving Scholars and Experts belonging to Shia, Barelvi, Ahmadi, communities were recently hanged to death, some of them were given the "Sar Qalam" sentence, taking place in front of every Masjid right after the Jumma prayers, where a lot of people gather and enchant slogans like "Allahu Akbar" and "Death to Infidels" during the process of Killing-those-alleged-Kafirs. Few of them weep over it, but all in vain, as they are not allowed to weep publicly, since its "Illegal" to weep over the death of infidels in this Caliphate.

    Talking about the Illegal things, the law is strongly enforced & followed. Women, can never ever see the light of the day, since its Illegal for them to stand in balconies, or see through windows, so obviously no question of going out! They need a "Mehram" to go n buy their clothes, who has to carry a documentary proof with him all the time that he is infact her "Mehram", or else, she (Not he) will be instantly slaughtered by the "Religious police" in front of everyone even if she’s crossing a road, "to create an example for all that If a woman steps out with a Na-Mehram, she’s Wajib ul Qatal immediately!" Women are supposed to stay at home and cook, pray & entertain their husbands. If not, then they are held in captivity for being "Liberal" and "open minded", and are lashed until they say sorry to their husbands. They aren't allowed to marry on their own, and its completely legal for her husband to slap & ridicule her all the time!

    All the cinemas have been turned into Madressahs, where students ranging from 4 to 15 years old, are taught how "Naa-Paak" the Jews, Christians, and Chinese are,& most importantly, those Muslims who commit Shirk by taking part in Muharram Juloos and going to Shrines and take part in festivities. A Basic crash course in Klashin folk use, how to detonate a bomb, and rewards of a Suicide bombing is mandatory at each level, to motivate students for Jihaad. They are given the examples of the late Maulana Abdul Aziz Rehmat ullah Alaih, who once saved the cause of "Jihad," and "Sacrifice" by running away from his Madressah in a Burqa so that he can save the Honor of Islam by not letting the Army get away with him, although he was caught later on, but was declared Ghaazi. 

    Restaurants with Halaal foods are allowed, but all the Western food chains were burnt and their staff killed step by step in an "Operation clean up Zionists" recently, leaving no traces of Burgers, Fried chicken, French Fries etc, In fact the use of the terms "Chowmein, Pasta, Italian Fettucino" is banned, with a fine of Saudi Riyal 1000 if one violates the rule.

    All the shops remain closed after Zuhur until Isha, and they are forcefully opened after Fajar, with all shops holding banners "Long Live Taliban, Long Live Islam" outside their doorsteps. Shaving at Salons is illegal for men, and Turban is a must while travelling, so that they aren’t mistaken for a Westerner, If they do so they are arrested and detained until they shave their heads off.

    The media is, well, flooded with religious News channels, telling people how good the Caliphate is doing by spreading the real message of Islam throughout the world. The Khalifa, Mullah Fazlullah, recently held a press conference comprising of only Male reporters (Female reporters were hanged recently in a collective Death sentence show held at the D-chowk Islamabad for being Vulgar and "Bey-Haya"). Mullah said "Allahu Akbar, death to infidels, death to all Muslims except us! We are successful, our previous leaders have struggled a lot to achieve this "Freedom" that we are living in here today, we pay our tribute to General Zia ul Haq who made a space for us in this multicultural tolerant society, and all those religious political parties who stood for us when we were being attacked and killed by the Zionist paid Army and the American drones. We will continue our struggle to implement Islam in each and every corner of the Caliphate, and no Infidel will be left alive!"

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