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Real face of Taliban

Tehriki Taliban Pakistan in Mohmand Agency on late Sunday night claimed to have killed 23 FC soldiers who were kidnapped in 2010 from Shongari checkpost in Mohmand Agency.

After reading the above news I was shocked as it reminds me the story of my father when Talibans arrested him in Swat in 2008.

My dad Sherin Zada (Late) was born in 1953, he was raised in Swat. He joined KP police in 1973, served as policeman for 26 years in different region of NWFP. He was a very loyal person towards his duty.

He was the first who joined police from Torwali community of Swat Kohistan, was awarded with different certificates by the administration by the regime. In year 1996 he was promoted as head constable and in the year 2001 he got retirement from police department.

After his retirement, he worked with different private security companies in Pakistan; during the Talibanization in Swat he was serving as a security cum guide with some foreigner (Fechner Company) in Swat, what he actually faced during the Taliban Era in Swat is mentioned below:

According to him, When Talibans completely occupied the interior Swat so that no more foreigners can visit this pavilion of Pakistan.

But here is the situation how he got trapped and saved the foreigners.

They were about to make them reach to Mingora safely; the journey was started from Bahrain towards Mingora in early in the morning after crossing all the borders and contain posts they reached Mingora by 2:00pm.

The distance from Bahrain to Mingora is just 65 Km, so the Englishmen were dropped there safely after a scary travel.

On their way back from Mingora, Taliban stopped them in Ningolai near Matta and started an investigation, and during investigation, they found that my father was an ex-Police man, they checked him in detail and presented him before Taliban’s leader.

Now the real investigation started, firstly, he started questions regarding my father’s past and present, forthwith it seemed that they will definitely kill him, their final question was that If I know someone in Nigolai, the spot where the Taliban was taking in their court system.

After taking some time he replied yes, I know Fazal Karim, Fazal Karim was a man who was in Shangla when he was doing police job there. They called Fazal Karim and Fazal Karim ensured that I am an Ex-Police man and now doing some private job to feed my family.

Meanwhile, Taliban’s Leader asked Karim that if he is not going to come on time, he will kill my father on the spot.

On the mean time, Taliban butchers killed three policemen in front of my father, furthermore they separated the heads from their bodies and loaded it in vans while celebrating the killings proudly. After 4 hours of detailed investigation they released my father around evening.

It was the dreadful moment when my father was repeating his story in front of all it was so difficult for us to stop our tears.We embraced our father and congratulated him for his new life; this is what he faced in the Era of Taliban in Swat.

I hope this is the same feeling of the millions of sons who are a part of Policemen in Pakistan. Hatred for Taliban’s is getting more and more.

But I hope that all of them are proud of their fathers as they are the real soldiers, the guardians of our land.

My father passed away on June 28th, 2010 due to heart attack during his duty in a local Bank in Bahrain, Swat.

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