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RIP Cricket

Originally, when someone used to say ‘cricket’ I used to think of Afridi’s sixes, Misbah being not out throughout the innings, Ajmal’s jaadogar bowling. I used to think of the stumps, the pitch, the bowlers, the batsmen, the wicket keepers, the boundaries… THE EXCITEMENT!

But like all other good things in life (and Pakistan), that changed as well. Sadly, now when someone says ‘cricket’ I think of ‘punctures’, ‘chirya’, ‘Geo’, ‘fraud’, ‘money’, ‘power’, ‘lies’ and only lies!! It is no longer about the bat or the ball, nor the excitement that came with them. It’s all a big lie now.

There was a time when it used to be about the runs, the chase, the crowd, the flag, the pride, the joy… THE GAME! Back in 1992 when we held the cup high, the whole nation was proud. There was no Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi or Pastun when we cheered.

There was no Shia, Sunni, Deobandi or Barelvi when we hugged and celebrated. We were more than just a nation. We were the PAKISTANI NATION. The nation that ruled the world!

And now, sadly, we’re the nation the world laughs at. Zaka Ashraf to Najam Sethi, Najam Sethi to Zaka Ashraf, Zaka Ashraf to Najam Sethi and Najam Sethi to… Where’s the cricket, guys? There was a reason politics and cricket was made two different things. And now politics isn’t politics anymore and cricket is definitely not cricket anymore.

And don’t even mention the Big 3. Its boils my blood! The very nations that thought cricket could be bought. The very nations that thought there was a price for everything and everybody. South Africa backed out. Sri Lanka ditched us.

And as usual we are as helpless as ever!

Well, it was nice knowing cricket. It was fun as long as it lasted…

RIP cricket!

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