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Bullying Is A Crime

Undoubtedly, bullying is ubiquitous in today’s world and greatly exists in a country such as Pakistan as well. I have come across several depraved individuals who bully children for no apparent reason. Nowadays, bullying has become a so called norm in today’s society and some individuals consider this nefarious act to be amusing when only it is the opposite. It is basically a crime which no one is considering at all. As humans, we tend to encompass various matters on violence or gender based inequality but never for once have I ever seen people highlight the issue of bullying. I myself have witnessed quite a few parents say, “Bullying? That’s a minor issue!” I am unable to comprehend as to why people divert the topic of bullying whenever it is put on the table. Are such individuals indifferent? Most certainly they are!

The case of Phoebe Prince pops up in my mind as I talk about this heart wrenching issue. Apparently, Phoebe was a high school student at South Hadley High School, Massachusetts. After being tortured by her friends for months, Phoebe committed suicide by hanging herself with a staircase. It is tremendously saddening to hear about such horrifying cases which all relate to bullying, but still no one cares to talk about it. So, what has made bullying worse these days? Mainly, it is the lack of action by the authorities running certain institutions where such activities take place. Bullies consider themselves to be superior to everyone. There is a doubtful myth, “People who Bully have power over those they Bully.” I do not agree with this statement entirely. I have come across many brave individuals who have fought back after being bullied. It is all about power and courage.

There are many forms of bullying. A few of them are physical and cyber bullying; both of these types have become more prominent in today’s world. Physical bullying involves torture and abuse whereas, passing on vulgar comments about someone is a form of cyber bullying. In addition, I have also come across a few innocent students who transformed themselves into bullies as they were not accepted by their fellow classmates. I personally believe that bullies should never be tagged as human beings as their actions are reprehensible and misleading. The consequences of bullying are extremely devastating. It can lead to suicide, depression and to some extent, even death.

Bullies should be labeled as criminals. They consider themselves to be an inspiration for others when only it is the contrary. We all deserve to be treated equally. Together, we all can make a big difference in today’s society. Bullies have no self respect. Their main aim in life is to become mobsters in the future. Any individual being harassed should stand up against bullying. Unfortunately, we fail to implement such vital issues which are being given less importance in today’s world.

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