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You know you’re from lahore when…..

You find yourself thinking of food – 20 & half hours out of a total of 24

You say 'theek ho gaya' instead of 'jee', 'haan', or 'ok'

You begin to say pleayre instead of pleasure

You know shimla pahari is absolutely flat

When you know the names of all the signals, and they sound horrendous – kainchi (HUH?) Bhatta chowk, Thokar, Muzang

You come to the realization that Lahori women are scary as hell

'on priotity' means you've got a week

You start saying 'haan ji' after everything

You purposely misguide people while giving directions

You want to take the credit for all that's ever been done errrr like EVER!

You haven't a clue who or what Lahore is named after

You treat historic places as picnic grounds and litter all over..the hell with history and the resounding voices of bygone days

Traffic rules mean absolutely nothing, and every person who can breathe(barely)can whip out a driver's licence

You suddenly start to understand 'bai ja' means 'sit down' minus please

You start developing a superiority complex and tragically on wrong grounds

Being crass becomes the new polite

Over-doing everything is the new minimal

'matching' clothes with shoes (patent), bag, eye makeup, lipstick, jewellery, shawl, kids clothes, husband's shirt is considered very very chic (kill me)

You have men your age and older addressing you as 'auntie jee' 

Streaking hair means bleaching them bronze gold in huge strips

Your immediate family means 15 people

Piling up a lot of 6 people on the motorbike alongwith shopping bags is so a 'do'

You look cool as long as you don't 'OPEN YOUR MOUTH'

You talk with a huge punjabi accent – any and every language, even silence

You start to pile on weight

Resturants you frequent give out individual servings large enough to feed an entire karachi family of 7

If anything is to be done! you have done it already!and done it greatly!!!!

You stop standing out form the herd

You actually become a MAD COW…

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