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The foreign conspiracy- A nation

How many times have you heard the word "Foreign Conspiracy" before? If you're Pakistani, I am guessing "many". Ever wondered why? Why does everyone hate us? Why is everyone after us? Why does everyone want to destroy us? What did we ever do to them? And most importantly, WHO IS OUR BIGGEST ENEMY?

The answer is "USA".

Now, I am 99.9% sure that most of you thought by USA I meant "United States of America".

But NO! It was just "us" written in capital. And the "A" was a typo. NOT A "YAHOODI SAAZISH"!

It is rightly said, a nation divided among itself is open to conquest by the enemy. Disunity is one of the root causes of the problems that we, as a nation, are facing today.  But there is a need to first understand the meaning of disunity. Disunity is not at all what you call 'difference in opinion'. Disunity is when that difference isn't respected. . Disunity is when that difference is expressed in the wrong way.

According to the 'Pakistan Security Report 2013' launched by Pak Institute for Peace Studies there have been 208 incidents of sectarian-related terrorist attacks in the country in which 658 people have been killed and 1,195 injured. Killing people on basis of difference in opinion is actually what is depicts 'disunity'.

And as long as this continues, we don't really need an enemy to plot to destroy us! A nation that burns its own markets and buses in sorrow, a nation that mercilessly kills its own people to express its pain, a nation out to destroy itself! "WE" are our biggest enemies! Because when our soldiers were being shot at the LOC, we were busy fighting over who is 'shaheed' is who is not. When the polio security team was being attacked in Charsadda, we were busy arguing whether Musharraf is 'ghadaar' or not. When Aitazaz was attempting to grab the suicide bomber to save his fellow students, we were busy abusing each other, debating over who is "Pro-American" and who is "Pro-Taliban". And when 50,000 innocent Pakistani citizens were being ruthlessly killed and slaughtered, we were busy deciding whether Malala is a CIA agent or not.

Winston Churchill once said," When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you." We must stop being our own enemies and learn to respect differences. No doubt, we have many. Difference in opinions, difference in languages, difference in culture, difference in religion, difference in differences! But the ultimate need is to respect them, learn from and about them, grow in and with them. To face and defeat conspirators outside we have to finish conspiracies within and rise as one against those who challenge our existence! It's not 'I', 'you', 'he', 'she', or 'them'. It's 'US' and only us! (And by "US" I certainly don't mean USA!)

"It doesn't matter from which ethnicity you belong to; but always be like bounded body and never let anyone suffer in pain. Let's throw hate away. Let's all think for five minutes; what will happen if we are disunited and United?!"

― Hakan Massoud Navabi

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