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How to be a fashionista in Pakistan

Buy Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Vogue Magazines and just follow the new trends from A-Z [the fact that full leather boots might be tad too much in karachi winters, but then who-the-cares?

Wear designer. No matter what happens under the sun and the moon. [if its fake but looks real all the better]

Have manicures and pedicures like no one's business. People may be dying, there may be curfew in cities, TTP might be just around the corner – the hell with everything, the fashion cannot wait!!

Don large sun-glasses – the larger and tackier the more noticed you'd be – even at night 🙂

Have a Hand sanitizer in your bag at all times to ward off the germs that swarm the never-developing country you're fluttering in.

Visit local designer outlets and buy till you die.

Make sure you get in GT or Sunday magazine – with an inane smile and a plastic barbie doll pose – at least once every three months.

Talk in ENGLUSH…. Whaat??

Carry the most expensive cell phone, the bigger the better for size does matter. You will only be using its .0009% of its capacity is besides the point.

  • Be on the phone for like forever, and say 'like',errr.. like forever!
  • Attend every 'happening' wedding – by hook or by crook.
  • If you're lucky to be in lahore; don the jewels – for nothing does it like BLING in this city of the 'diamond market'.
  • Own a collection of 'very expensive Shatoos, Kashmiri,
  • Always be on some fad diet – dukan, atkins, south beach, water/green tea, de-tox
  • Talk about a 'popular' book – having read the tome is not a pre-requiste
  • Do or talk YOGA, PILATES, ZUMBA, blah blah blah
  • Hop on the band wagon of 'new-age' philosphers…
  • Be on facebook all the time
  • Wear coral lipstick
  • Reveal all
  • Have a list (written/typed) for the things you want in a future mate, MONEY being the first, second and the last
  • Be seen – by all and sundry
  • Be on breaking news – at least try
  • Bitch like there's is no tomorrow
  • Use lip balm 
  • Have an I-pad and carry it with you everwhere, even to the loo
  • Pretend you belong to a group of friends, even if is the flooziet of all
  • Flutter your false eye lashes
  • Drink alcohol and get drunk
  • Smoke – the fact that it may kill you and those around you is sooooo not to be thought of
  • Always carry illachi or some pan masala in ur bag and munch on it continously – why bother with mouth cancer inducing ingredients 🙂
  • Abuse…in urdu
  • Go out to eat always
  • Laugh out loud, or giggle in groups
  • Take xanax or lexotanil…whenever you feel flustered
  • Rave about your husband..even if he ia loser, especially if he is a loser


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