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When Seven 7 Continents Go Green

Nations are always recognized from there people. Always People make the nation. Pakistan now a day’s is passing through its most sensitive and crucial part of its existence. It is surrounded by negative news from everywhere that caused to bring down the morale and courage of the nation and to create the negative image of the country. However, when some good news came it’s not been highlighted and promoted as it should be.

This blog has been written to tribute two valiant youngster expeditors Samina baig and her brother Mirza Ali who are on the mission to build and bring positive soft image of the nation in front of the world. Samina baig is the youngest Muslim woman and only the Pakistani woman to climb world tallest Mount Everest at the age of 21. There are seven continents in the world both have set their eyes to hoist Pakistani flag on all seven continents on this earth. So far both have hoisted Pakistani flag in four continents. Their mission is to rebrand the image of Pakistani woman in the front of the world. They want let to know the world Pakistani women are as talented, constructive, valiant and have the ability to participate in the development and construction of Pakistan as men.

It is worthwhile to mention here Pakistani flag has been hoisted in Antarctica on mount Vinson by duo where there is no presence of human population, no countries and no villages, as 98% of this region is covered by ice. Iqbal truly said,

"Dasht to Dasht Hain, Darya Bhi Na Chhore Hum Ne

Bahr-e-Zulmaat Mein Daura Diye Ghore Hum Ne"

Samina baig and Mirza Ali to date climbed and reached the summits of following top mountains of the world.

Mt Everest (Nepal), 8848m   on   19th May 2013 Job done (go green)

Mt Aconcagua (Argentina), 6,962-metre on 13th December 2013 Job done (go green)

Mt Vinson (Antarctica), 4,892-metre on 18th Jan 2014    Job done (go green)

Mt Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), 5895m) on 13th Feb 2014 Job done (go green)

Mt Carstenz Pyramid / Puncak Jaya (Indonesia) 48844 m next in queue

Mt Denali/McKinley (U.S.A.) 6168 m   next in queue

Mt Albrus (Russia).  5642 m    next in queue

 It is pertinent to mention her great achievement of climbing Everest in her own words

 “My eyes were in tears and I had no words to say. The only thing running in my mind was that I am on the top with a green flag [the Pakistani flag] and the world is below me. I am standing on the top of the world for a reason and mission, to empower women of my country through my adventures. This is something that can’t be expressed. One journalist told me that I am very tinny and how could I climb, but by grace of the Almighty I made it to the top and made history — its history and everlasting!”

Regrettably I have to conclude on this final note that role of our government is shameful to promote these duo. Prime Minister Nawaz sharif by announcing only Rs 2.5million thinks that he did his job. Mr prime minister didn’t u think for a moment to sponsor their full expedition to conquer all the 7 highest peaks on all 7 continents could enhance Pakistani image worldwide? You have the money to spend on laptops and solar where you see your own interest but where there is an interest of country you behave like an innocent . In my opinion as a marketer Pakistan has lost a big opportunity to reposition its self image by sponsoring their expeditions. If we are foolish the world is not they have grabbed this golden opportunity to brand their countries by sponsoring the tours of this duo .The Adventure Diplomacy Group (ADG), consisting of the Embassies of Republic of Argentina, Republic of Indonesia, Nepal, Russian Federation, United States of America, and the Serena Hotels was formed to support Pakistani mountaineering siblings.

Samina baig and Mirza Ali are enhancing the image of Pakistan throughout the world in crucial time when we are in dire need to bring soft and positive image of Pakistan in front of the world. The Pakistani nation is praying for your remaining expeditions best of luck Samina baig and Mirza Ali.

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