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Who’s Fat Now?

There are numerous ways to tackle the weight loss process but only few individuals are able to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. Very seldom have I ever witnessed individuals raise the question, “How can I gain weight?” This observation proves how obese and unhealthy lives individuals are leading in today’s world. Nowadays every individual wishes to be fit but losing weight is not a piece of cake. Devotion and hard work are keys to acquiring an ideal body.

I myself was a healthy individual two years ago and had a perfectly normal body structure. However, I wanted to lose weight from the very beginning. After turning eighteen, I decided to shed a few pounds through two things, changing my diet (mainly eating less sugary foods) and exercising. In about three months or so, I lost a total of ten pounds! I felt healthier and of course, thinner! But how exactly did that process come about? My body started responding to the activities which I was gradually accomplishing on a daily basis. Prior to losing weight, I thoroughly researched over the topic of weight loss. I gathered all the vital details that actually aided in the weight loss process.

So, follow the five steps below for about three to four months and you will physically feel a major difference in yourself. Furthermore, the following method would reward individuals (who have normal body weights) with better results as compared to those who are overweight. This weight loss recipe mainly applies to all the males reading this article. So vow to yourself from this point onwards that you will abide by the five steps given below for the next four months. Let’s get started!

5. Strenuous Exercise

Exercising is perhaps the best way to lose weight. Work out for five times in a week (Mondays to Fridays) for at least thirty to forty minutes on an elliptical or treadmill. But make sure you push yourself during that time period.

4. Drink Lots of Water

Drinking water always helps! It also aids in weight loss. Drink at least eight glasses of cold water every day and you will surely feel lighter and healthier from inside.

3. Eat Healthy

I personally believe that dieting and exercising is the perfect combination for weight loss. However, eating healthy is the most important factor that can help an individual achieve his weight loss goal. Eat fruits, Greek yogurt, vegetables, chicken and fish but keep switching these foods in your daily calorie intake with whole wheat bread and fat-free milk.

2. Say No To Sugar!

If you seriously want to lose weight, say no to sugar or any other sweeteners! Try not drinking coffee with spoons loaded with sugar. If you want to drink tea or coffee, do not add sweeteners! If you crave anything sweet, munch on carrots, fruits or cinnamon sticks (trust me, they are delicious!)

1. Drink Green Tea After Dinner

Green tea not only aids in weight loss but helps in digestion as well. Drink one cup of green tea everyday after dinner.

These five steps can transform any individual’s lifestyle. All one needs to do is put these factors into practice. In addition, it is extremely important to keep track of your daily calorie intake. After all, you are what you eat.

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