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Kashmir- The valley of Tears

Imagine, United Kingdom is being ruled by foreigners, France is being ruled by Malaysia or China being ruled by Germans. Amid a sense of hatred, bloody massacres and uncontrollable anarchy, now imagine again, would the people of these nations let the outsiders to rule on them? Would the media of 21st century remain silent and will not speak even a single word in favor of the oppressed? Would organizations of human rights keep their eyes blind? No, never ever! Instead they'll do. Media will highlight and support those whose freedoms have been snatched. Humanitarian groups will do their best for the sake of humanity. UNO will shriek for the sovereignty of those states.

Now look at the flip side of the coin. Let's go to the vale of Kashmir.  Each morning brings a roll call of death of fathers of school going kids; each day brings the news of mothers who are heinously tortured; every sunrise brings the message of brutality that is being planned to slaughter the sons and daughters of this nation. Newspaper headlines, TV and radio breaking news have been reduced to a litany of death and destruction. As the once happy, smiling faces of the people of Kashmir, are now transfigured with sadness, hopelessness, grief, shock bewilderment, lament and above all, dismay. Tears are now commonplace and laughter and emotions long forgotten. And this land of laughter and plenty is today colored by the blood of innocents sacrificed at the altar of terrorism.  A serious of violent conflicts, cruelty, forceful occupation, a damaged economy, a missing government and a nuclear war threat and this is what we call today's Kashmir.

  • Why UNO is silent while the sons of Kashmir are facing the worst kind of barbarianism?
  • Where is the so called protector of women while our mothers and sisters are being raped in valley of    Kashmir?
  • Where are the torchbearers of humanitarian laws when we see hundreds of collective graves in Kashmir?
  • Why Amnesty International is speechless while the youngsters of Kashmir are being tortured, killed and squashed like flies?
  • Why the super powers of world don't speak while the (Heaven of the World) Kashmir is being trampled underfoot by Indian troops, while innocent people are being robbed, while the just and well-earned tourism industry is being destroyed?
  • Why have they not done so; why have they not recognized the individual rights of all Kashmiris?

Then, who will come to wipe the tears of Kashmiris? Who will speak for their independence? Who will come forward to provide them facilitated environment of education? Who will take care of their basic needs? Perhaps no one is ready to support the truth. Its true India and Pakistan both want Kashmir to be their part. India, the so called "largest democracy", is not allowing the right of vote to Kashmiris because they are sure that majority of native population will choose independence. But in-between what's the fault of innocent people who are facing their worst days there.

World must realize that Kashmiris are fighting for their freedom since long. They are human too. They want peace. They want education. They want health facilities. They want equal rights as other nations are enjoying. They need to rebuild their economy, so they can determine their own fate. Many of us had thought life is too painful to go on living but at-least 5th of February – The Kashmir Solidarity Day reminds us to speak for those un-highlighted calamity stricken victims by sharing and promoting their tears to the world. Let's pray for Kashmir.

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