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Discrimination a reality of life

People discuss all sorts of discrimination, whether it’s a class discrimination or gender discrimination or age discrimination. And suggest speaking up against this.

In my perspective discrimination is a reality and I personally believe you can't just run away from it. But face it firmly and peacefully, no need to get agitated and frustrated.

Discrimination is something which one has to face in all walks of life. Starting from your siblings to your classmates and then your colleagues or friends or even life partners (only incase if you can afford more than one), so in my view workplace discrimination is not the only discrimination that people face. Rather I would suggest people to learn how to use this discrimination in a positive, healthy and growing manner.

Hence, discrimination is not merely just related to work it’s actually a part of life. From the point when a baby arrives in the world the discrimination gets activated. Since then it’s a life long struggle to remove and come above this discrimination finally leading till your grave. Discussing the way your grave has been built and decorated… it’s also a kind of afterlife discrimination which people face. So, it’s my firm believe that people should accept the fact that discrimination is a reality and take measures throughout their lives to face this and strive to eradicate this through their zeal, enthusiasm and internal motivation.

However, on a personal note the best way to absorb discrimination and get a peace of mind it is recommend to "Meditate regularly". This will definitely provide some complacency to face this routine part of life. 

"You can run but you cannot hide, as it is a reality of LIFE"

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