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Does A Proper Dress Really Impress People?

Now-a-days, there has been a trend in our society that almost everyone tries to wear such a dress that can make his or her personality very attractive. That is the reason why much importance is being given to proper dressing and why the shopping centers look to be full of people of all ages and genders. But, can a nice dress really accomplish this task, i.e., to make a personality prominent?

“A nice dress really contributes to a personality. It makes your appearance quite prominent in the eyes of the people”; “People get impressed due to the appropriate dressing”; “An appropriately selected dress leaves a pleasant effect on the minds of people. It also makes first impression as the last impression.” These are the claims which are constantly made by the people for emphasizing the importance of nice dressing and this is why they do not hesitate to spend much amount of money for this purpose. 

But, where do these enchanting impressions evaporate when people deal with each other? Why does the magic of an expensive and proper dress lose all of its importance when the other people face lies, non-commitment, dishonesty and misbehavior from the persons wearing it? Moreover, if the nice and costly dressing really works so much, why do we not have harmony, respect, love and peace in our society as everyone tries to wear such dresses?     

To tell the truth, when a person tries to get dressed in a proper way so as to convey enchanting effects on people without the standard qualities, this act makes him a beautiful gift box without any gift inside; like the water without its sweetness; a candle without its light and like a student without the aim to study. None of these things can deserve to be considered as a true reflection of its name unless it contains its required essence.

Principally speaking, we must have all those qualities that are expected from us to be called responsible members of the society. We are bound to possess the standard qualities to improve our personalities. A person has to be enriched with the qualities that need to overcome the flaws in his or her personality. These standard qualities include honesty, seriousness, maturity, sensibility and confidence. These aspects can really make a gift box contain the like gift, have the water have its sweetness, get the candle to restore its light, and help the student set the aim to study. In other words, everything is supposed to have its own gist, without which it will lose all of its importance.

Therefore, people are supposed to be with good qualities in addition to wearing nice and costly dresses. That is the only way by which people can have attractive personalities for leaving the pleasant impression on others. In fact, this is the stage where a nicely selected dress can surely contribute to our personality. Otherwise, even the most expensive as well as nicest dresses will fail to do that altogether.

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