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Gender discrimination

Sometimes I feel really bad on being the RAHMET.E.KHUDDA..of my family. I witnessed so many phases of our society where discrimination or you can say inequality of genders is occurring.

Now we have this TALIBANIZATION…the last nail in coffin…

Inequality between men and women is a natural phenomena. Women are treated differently everywhere in the world not only in the public places but also at home.

Unfortunately, Pakistan is one of few countries where this inequality can be witnessed at its heights. Women are socially, economically and culturally discriminated in all spheres of life especially in Pakistan. They are forced to work under the harshest environments and without any financial benefits for their complete life in the name of family and tradition.


In rural areas dignity of women is often exploited in different dimensions because of poverty and other socio-economic factors. Since her birth she is treated as a second grade citizen within the family.

 Boys are preferred over girls due to a common perception that sons are economic utility whereas daughters are economic liability and burden on the family. Women are forced into early marriages to reduce the burden on family. These marriages often involve high dowry which creates a huge burden for girl’s parents. Cultural norms in most parts of the country require that woman either has to stay at home or ask permission while going outside the house.

However, the situation in urban areas is much better. There educational and health facilities for girls and working environment for ladies is also improving to support working women. Government and NGOs are taking positive measures to ensure equal rights for women. Exclusive seats for women have been reserved in all cadres be it universities or national assembly. Women are also taking active part sports and other cultural activities.


In Pakistan gender inequality based on social, cultural and legal practices overrides the biological advantage of being born female. Policy makers, health professionals and human rights workers in Pakistan should become active in promoting gender equality and take necessary measures for provision of education, health and economic opportunities to women on equal basis.

As I am related to the noble profession of teaching, therefore I feel a lot of discrimination of my gender.

When we talk about the education system, it reflects the inequality found outside the classroom. Girls the world over are less likely than their brothers to be attending primary school. In some cases, where a decision has to be made about which children to send to school, it is commonly seen that parents decide to invest in their sons’ education rather than their daughters’. This may reflect the fact that upon marriage, daughters may no longer contribute to family income and are therefore not seen as worth investing in.

There are several gender discrimination related consequences of child labor as well. Most obvious are the problems faced by girls who have been sexually exploited. Also girls working as child domestic workers are often denied medical treatment when required since they are domestic help and do not share the same status as the other children in the household. Children who suffer an accident at work may also feel that this is their own fault for being clumsy or bad at their job, and the adults and medical personnel who they encounter may have the same attitude.

Education is the tool that can help break the pattern of gender discrimination and bring lasting changes for women in developing countries like ours. Pakistan has for decades grossly underinvested in education, and in particular, girls’ education. Girls’ education also means comprehensive change for a society. Educated women are essential to ending gender bias, starting by reducing the poverty that makes discrimination even worse in the developing world.

We are all Muslims yet we are not following what has been told or ordered to us by ALLAH…

According to the Holy Quran, men and women are equally poised: as said:

(1) “O mankind, fear you’re Lord, who created you from one soul and created from it its mate and dispersed from both of them many men and women… “(Quran, 4:1, 7:189, 42:11, 16:72, 32:9, and 15:29).

(2) God has invested both genders with inherent dignity and has made men and women, collectively; the trustees of God on earth (Quran 17:70 and 2:30).

(3)Every human being man or woman is equal in front of Allah and responsible for own deed as: “And their lord responded to them (saying): Never will I allow to be lost the work of (any) worker among you, whether male or female; you are of one another… “(Quran, 3:195, 74:38, 16:97, 4:124, 33:35, and 57:12).

(4) Nobody is superior or inferior on the basis of gender as said, “The sole basis for superiority of any person over another is piety and righteousness not gender, color, or nationality” (Quran 49:13).

Gender discrimination is fast becoming the norm in Pakistan and if not checked, accepted sexism might soon become expected sexism. Discrimination is not the answer to inequality, it is the cause. Empower women and give them equality and respect but sexism in all shapes and forms is wrong, whether it targets men or women.

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