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Possessing a scholastic rank in a society was once considered to be an esteemed occupation but the case now seems to be somewhat reverse. The minimization of certain ethical considerations and linguistic assessments appear to be the contributing factors to such sort of transformed dispositions.

The profession of teaching at different societal segments has greatly varied and as a matter of fact, no much a transfiguration can be easily located, particularly on the part of the students. Those associated with this occupation aren’t much contented presently as were earlier. Multiple factors contribute to such a trend.

A scholarly or an academic figure in any society of the world is indeed the one who is more who awakens than merely a representative of his own field of interest. Albert Einstein’s viewpoint in this regard is really a splendid one. According to him, ”Teaching is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

It seems as if a scholarly figure is losing the essence of respect and veneration which the students are supposed to practice towards him, in order to serve him (the teacher) in a presenting manner.

Different societies, that were reflective of their religious, ethical, and moral teachings, are undergoing the course of transformation. Courtesy, tolerance, morality, fair-play, and fraternity seem to have been greatly minimized over the last few years.

The only objective which is solely valued by many of us is a short and a simple notion i.e. ‘a click away’. This notion is related to the excessive usage of social networking websites and those websites which are against the modes of moderation and unfortunately destroy the religious fabric of ours in a dexterous manner.

Admitting all of our shortcomings, why don’t we take into consideration , the religious, cultural, and ethical values in our gossips and chit-chats with our friends and colleagues?  After all, what is the reason that these conversations are largely linked to the scholastic members of the society, and are totally in negative?

Perhaps, just to enhance our status in the society we degrade the intellectuals in an antagonistic fashion. In doing so, many a people indulge themselves in antipathetic activities and doing so is profoundly directed towards the well-standing of an individual entity.

After all, we will have to undergo a momentous breakthrough that is effective and complete in it, in order to eliminate various problematic issues being faced by our society, on priority basis.

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