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It’s madness for sheep to talk peace with wolf

TTP was a major source of instability of Pakistan in last year’s. IT carried out 645 terrorist attacks killing 732 innocent civilians and 425 security forces personals. Our high personals, security forces, political and religious leaders and obviously local mass were vividly killed by TTP in the name of their so-called defined term of “Jihad”.

On other hand our government is trying to make a new record in the world of peace but with insane dealing logic's. TTP have long made their own army and had completely denied to accept the constitution of Pakistan.

Islam terms such militancy and armed struggle against writ of the state as “Khawarij”. Shareef wants the practical exposure of his surname Shareef only in this matter possibly. There are 60 groups of Taliban and talks are carried with whom is again an unanswerable question. This fortitude and succumb behavior gave TTP a chance to regroup and resume their fight against the state of Pakistan.

TTP’s communication with Maulana Samiul Haq of the JUI-S made it clear that the government would have to take some serious steps at the very outset as a goodwill gesture to prove its sincerity in the dialogue process. Two conditions TTP tasked government to take for initiating the process would be the release of key Taliban-linked militants who and withdrawal of the security forces from North Waziristan and South Waziristan. If the government fails to take these two steps the peace process won’t move forward. But it is yet to be seen if TTP’s demands would be acceptable to the Pakistan Army, which has lost thousands of soldiers as well as generals. Knowing well that it would be quite difficult for the government to release hardened terrorists because most of whom had been captured by the military authorities. The TTP might offers an appeasement policy that government can keep the release of the militants a top secret affair – as had been done in the past by the Musharraf regime.

Over 200 soldiers of the Pakistan Army were taken hostage by Baitullah Mehsud in South Waziristan on August 30, 2007. He had than demanded withdrawal of the security forces and the release of his 25 comrades in exchange for freeing the soldiers. As the Taliban beheaded three abducted soldiers, the then COAS-cum-President General Pervez Musharraf had order the covert release of 25 hardcore Taliban militants who were being tried on charges of terrorism. But defense analysts say the possibility of the release of convicted terrorists like Aqeel Alias Dr Usman was out of question because the military leadership won’t allow that to happen. Usman had led a 10-memmber fidyaan squad to attack GHQ Rawalpindi on October 10, 2013.

TTP warned,“Homes of prominent PML-N leadership will also be attacked immediately if Usman is hanged. In such an eventuality, the leadership of the PML-N will be made target of revenge, just like we had targeted the ANP leadership,” .Their spokesperson further added,“Dr Usman is our mujahid and we would never let our mujahid be hanged”. Subsequently, hardly a few days before his scheduled hanging, the PML-N government announced the suspension of death sentence [on August 18, 2013], thus the GHQ attack convict from going to the gallows.

The TTP’s list of ultimate demands is very clear and straightforward: no democracy, no constitutionally guaranteed rights, just a particular, extremely intolerant version of religion that has to be implemented in totality. While an elected government has the right to pursue its own vision and policy, does that mean it can also bargain away the very foundations of the state? TTP have made a list of their fellows imprisoned in the jails from al over Pakistan.4752 prisoner’s altogether. 782from Punjab, 780 in Balochistan,1191 from Sindh and958 from KPK. Mumtaz Qadri is also listed in it.

British historian Thomas Fuller said that”It Is Madness For Sheep To Talk Peace With a Wolf. In the context of Pakistan, the government seems to be the sheep while the Taliban is the wolf, which can’t change its basic instinct, being a wild and government an insane animal. Therefore, it is nothing but sheer insanity to talk peace with those who only know the language of violence, brutality and bloodshed.

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