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Let bygones be bygones and start anew. A fresher start with a fresher thought would certainly add the missing link and this life would start making sense all over again. Life is not a drag but a course of substance and meaning, however, the ones leading it, clueless of what and why, striving hard to get the most of what others have, need a purposeful prompt every now and then. No matter how lost is humanity now, in essence the thinking beings have that lurking realization in their hearts of heart that something is particularly wrong, missing or detract that needs a fix, a quick or a lingering one but a resolution for sure. It’s not enigmatic in anyway but as obvious as an underlined nose. What’s required is to comprehend the fact that human nature needs something to hook onto, a purpose for existence, trivial or transient for that matter. Purposelessness is the notorious killer rusting happiness and contentment for all, deal with it, well before it consumes everything worthwhile.

How prevalent is this purposelessness in most accomplished of our fellow mates and how easy is to let go of it, hardly messing or calling forth challenging forces around, let’s figure that out. A lady in her late twenties with a shoulder-cut hairdo, mostly well dressed, has a sweet tongue but empty inside out. She has a Masters degree in English Literature and works at a renowned organization, then why the purposeless emptiness, that seems to engulf her faculties, is overwhelming the best in her. When asked to put that in words, she was of the opinion and I quote, ‘I feel a misfit everywhere. I have lost all desires and worst I don’t even want to revive that in myself.’ Her solution to that was to be an escape-goat and run away to a far away land. Greener pastures don’t exist under the sun, girl. I told her. What was required was to really live in the present. Future is blurry, past is a bygone, the chance in hand is of the current moment. That’s all. And change could be brought in that very instance by letting go of the fears of unknown and living for substance, adding a purpose to the living.

Here comes another noble fellow soul, waiting for a cathartic talk. Calling her a multi-talented prodigy wouldn’t be a hyperbole as she sure is worthy of the tag. She is a dentist by profession, in her mid twenties, a charming soul, proficient cook, with a streak of dress designer, can make things possible if really wants them to. Nevertheless, in the midst of all this brimming talent lies a soul, confused, left-out, misunderstood and clueless. Guess what, she also thinks the only resolution to all this is to flee to nowhere. In her case the greener pastures lie in UAE. Balderdash! Girl, you really need to sit down, keep calm and talk with someone who you think comprehends the tune of your thoughts. Give vent to yourself and let life unfold its mysteries to you. It’s wonderful how merely communicating your thoughts could solve much damage. Most of all, find a purpose to your living. Live for it and die if required.

The world overflows with such unpolished gems and words might not suffice their tales, however, as all humans are one in essence (yes, they are, think on it), so there are some universal solutions to some common issues of the mind and soul. You need to keep it simple, straight forward, beautiful and purposeful. Your relations, your friendships, your intentions, thoughts, words and gestures must be life-like, pure and concerned. Do me a favor; bring some sense of wonder in yourself. Your smile must have its reflection in your eyes. Seems dramatic and nonsensical but trust me, it works. Live purposefully as life would make perfect sense the way it is if led the way it should be. 

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