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The International Conspiracy

The political culture of South Asia has always been considered as deceitful and generally people do not want to get into the politics. South Asia’s political landscape especially, is entirely different than the politics of European countries. As we all are aware that South Asian politics is usually based on the politics of violence and bloodshed and there is zero tolerance for the opponents. If we study the political system of subcontinent, we will figure out that the majority of common people like to keep themselves away from this filthy politics. A little while back, we have witnessed the pernicious consequences of ill-political system in Bangladesh. Neither political rivals bear any criticism nor do they listen to anyone’s viewpoint; when they get chance to rule the state, they start to double-cross their opponents.

When we assessed the political sphere of Pakistan, we concluded intolerance, bigotry and political aspects to be same as the different countries of South Asia. The infamous establishment of the Pakistani state is considered as the influential player in the politics while it is considered that Pak-establishment is managed by international powers [United States, United Kingdom, etc] along with the Army. In many instances, a number of ruling political parties have been toppled down under the guardianship of the establishment and we all know this fact. Pakistan People’s Party [PPP], Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz [PML-N] and others have been victimized by the establishment of the state. Sorry, but this is the gruesome reality and you have to bear this. On the other side same political parties have also been dubbed as famed establishment’s puppets against their opponents.

The London-based politician and Muttahida Qaumi Movement [MQM] chief, Altaf Hussain has also faced the music by establishment. Although, Hussain’s opponents have frequently labeled him as a man of the establishment and termed that dictator Zia-ul-Haq reinforced him against Benazir Bhutto. It has also been witnessed that MQM ruled out the grand alliance of Islami Jamhoori Ittehad [IJI], which was formed by the then ISI head Hamid Gul. After ignoring Pakistani agencies, MQM’s founder, party leaders and workers have been implicated in numerous murder cases including Hakeem Saeed, party Chairman Azeem Ahmed Tariq and other prominent figures. Although later, Altaf and his party were declared guiltless in all those cases.

Once again, indirectly Altaf Hussain and his party are being inculpated in the murder probe of MQM’s second-tier leadership, Dr Imran Farooq. By virtue of such accusations, Karachi-based political party, MQM is facing immense constraints and pressure. Whilst the widow and parents of Farooq have been spotted in numerous events of the party, the antagonists pronounce that they join those programs forcibly on the barrel of guns.

Hussain, however, has said that a malicious conspiracy is being hatched by national and international agencies against him and his party. Fresh developments recently have been beheld in the high profile case. The UK-based media network, BBC has broadcast the second documentary report regarding assassination in which it had mentioned the names of suspects as Mohsin Ali Syed and Mohammed Kashif Khan Kamran. The host of BBC Newsnight program, Mr Owen Bennett Jones tried to connect this murder case with MQM and its founder. As expected after this documentary, the MQM’s supporters and workers were outraged and declared it as a media trial against their supremo. Let us have a look at these claims.

When we look the previous records of BBC’s network, we find that it has been used as a propaganda machine in last many eras. It had televised anti-Islamic and anti-Pakistan documentaries to vandalize the fair image of Islam and Pakistan among the masses in the year 2008. The same BBC had aired fake news of Lahore’s occupation by Indian forces in 1965 Pak-India war. It has also run many politically-controversial films, like “Princess and the playboy” which was anti-Benazir [PPP] and “From Pakistan to Parklane”, anti Nawaz [PML-N] documentary. Not only were these documentaries made with a certain agenda in mind, the timing of these documentaries was also perfect so as to be used timely to spread the propaganda. International establishment agencies have used this tool, media, to defame many political parties in Pakistan.

Mr Hussain has also said that his foes are making an effort to influence the murder and money laundering cases against him. After the last general elections of Pakistan, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf [PTI] made spam phone calls and spammed the Metropolitan Police servers through their emails to Metropolitan police to file complaints against Mr Altaf Hussain through a clear party policy. Afterwards it was proved that it was an engineered, anti-Altaf campaign.

Last Friday [31st January, 2014], Express News disclosed there was a meeting between new British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Philip Barton, and PTI chief Imran Khan. Interesting part of this report was that Mr Barton discussed the emerging developments of Dr Imran Farooq's murder proceedings with Imran Khan and gave an exclusive briefing to Khan on the issue. According to the media reports, meeting went on for more than an hour at Bani Gala, Mr Khan’s residential palace.

Some questions that arise over this briefing are:

When any classified investigation is underway in any country then the progress reports of the case are not discussed with anyone. Why did the British High Commissioner discuss those proceedings with MQM’s rival party’s chief, Imran Khan?

Why did Mr Barton give briefing to Khan on the upcoming developments of the murder case? Is he the head of British Police or the viceroy? Is Mr Khan, in any way, a stakeholder in this case?

• Why did the British High Commissioner visit Khan? Does he belong to the family of MQM’s veteran leader? Why did he not visit Farooq’s parent in Pakistan instead?

• Did ever British officials give briefing to the widow regarding the progress of the investigations?

• The question is, what were the motives behind this classified meeting? Are the British officials and international establishment really conspiring against Altaf Hussain by the help of his foes? Why are international players trying to frame Hussain in high-profile cases?

• Have national and international establishment decided to help Hussain’s antagonists to topple MQM down in Karachi? Have they decided to replace MQM with other forces in Karachi who are not Karachi based or don’t have roots in the people of Karachi?

• MQM’s chief, Mr Hussain had predicted that if Pakistan faces downfall and breaks then Punjab rulers will keep Karachi as a satellite city [International think-tanks had also produced the map of Pakistan in which Karachi and Punjab were shown as part of the Pakistani state] and in between was the “Sindhu Desh”. Do international or national agencies want to occupy Karachi?

After defying the option of peace-talks with TTP, MQM has been bearing a spat of character assassination attempts on an international level. ‘Minus-Altaf’ formula has unfolded once again, because Hussain has repudiated the orders of the establishments.

Why is Mr Hussain claiming repeatedly that he will not bow down to the international establishment? In the recent dialogues, would Pakistani government concede to handing over Karachi to TTP? If Altaf quits the leadership and establishment instates its puppets, what will be the future of this city? Have anti-MQM elements joined hands with international and national establishments to eliminate Altaf’s movement?

After analyzing these points, it seems that international agencies are seeking to seize the backbone of Pakistan, Karachi and TTP will execute this mission. Taliban have put the top hierarchy of MQM in the hit list because the party denounces them openly. They have already successfully targeted three sitting legislators of the party. If Taliban succeed in triumphing over Altaf and eradicate his party, then the whole Pakistan will succumb to them eventually. Apparently, international agencies’ puppets will rule the city.

I am seeking my answers, why are international agencies endeavoring to remove only Altaf Hussain from this scene? It is pretty obvious that elimination of Altaf and MQM will bring advantage to TTP and their proxies. The city of lights will be no more ‘liberal city’; minorities will be kicked out or eliminated and everything will fall apart. We have to ask ourselves this question; do we want such a Pakistan where terrorists like TTP are the rulers?

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