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Indian hijacking of Kashmir and now gentleman’s game of Cricket

Pakistan is going to celebrate Kashmir solidarity day on 5th February when it is in a grip of peculiar formidable war in terror. There is a chaos, carnage, massacre, explosions, drones, suicide attacks from Punjab to sindh to KPK to  Balochistan . Root cause of all this chaos and massacre is found in Kashmir. Responsible of Pakistan current disease and appalling situation is no else but India, it has never accepted Pakistan since the day first of its birth wholeheartedly and launched full scale wars in 1947-48, 1965 and small scale in 1985 (Siachen) and 1999 (Kargil). Now to fulfill its dirty dream of Akhand Bharat it is trying to win the war by unfair means with in Pakistan. India even didn’t spare gentleman’s game of cricket and now trying to destroy cricket from Pakistan by using its international influence. 

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah logic behind Pakistan was his two nations theory “Islam and Hinduism are not religions . . . But are in fact distinct social orders . . . Hindus and Muslims are two different religious philosophies, social customs and literatures”. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah described Kashmir as “Jugular vein of Pakistan”. Kashmiris wanted their accessioned with Pakistan, however India entered its army in Kashmir. First prime minister Liaqat Ali khan (martyr) said if you will see from the map Kashmir is a cap on the head of Pakistan if I allow India to have this cap on our head I am always at the mercy of India and due to its strategic position Pakistan can’t defend against an unscrupulous government that might come in India.

In Pakistani culture cap is considered the symbol of dignity so on one side it is Jugular vein due to rivers in Pakistan originate from Kashmir and on the other side it is a matter of dignity due to its strategic position and third and most important of all is the Muslims who live in Kashmir have close ties with Pakistan and have never been given the right of plebiscite by India according to the resolutions of United nation. 

India in Kashmir has broken all the records of human violation. India Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA) of 1990 has given license to the Indian army to abduct any youngster at any time, kill any innocent any time, killing children , rape any women any time, violent human rights any time, search the villages any time, enter in any home without taking permission, torture the people and to make them a sick psychologically, stopping children to going school all of these are happening under the umbrella of special powers given to them by India. They are using it for wrong purposes to spread anarchy, massacre instead of bringing peace and harmony in valley.

Sumantra Bose in his book, Kashmir: Roots of Conflict Paths to Peace‟ pp-109-10, quoted the experience of one Farooq Wani, a Govt. Employee who was wounded in the protest by the security forces as:

“I fell down on the road [after being hit by gunfire]. I saw small boys being shot. I remained lying. Then I saw a paramilitary officer coming. I saw him pumping bullets into the bodies of injured people lying on the road. A young boy trying to hide under the bridge (over Jhelum River) was killed . . . As I lifted my head a CRPF man shouted, “He is still alive” I pleaded: I am a government employee, please do not shoot.” The officer shouted abuses at me and said Islam mangta hai? (You want Islam), and fired at me.

My back and hands were hit. Another paramilitary moved up to me and shouted- tum saala zinda hai abi mara nahi [you bastard, you haven’t died yet?]. He left after kicking my back . . .”

Kashmir is a core issue between two nuclear states and can trigger atomic war at any time. Unless issue of Kashmir is solved according to resolutions of United Nations peace is not possible between two nations and India and Pakistan keep quarreling and even doesn’t spare the game of cricket.

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