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Sightless Reliance in the Sub-continent

To hold a cultural and ethnic identity, at a time, in a perceptiveness-linked standpoint, seems to be somewhat exclusively esteemed approach in our Sub-Continental Region. Our thoughts, ideas, notions, propositions look as if, are quite far from the eminence of our persona in the society.

Here the recognition of deep and surface structures is highly important. This is because, what we hear, we cannot bear and what we bear, we cannot hear. This isn't something an ordinary one but carries with it a thought-provoking memo.

Whatever or whoever we just listen; we instantly admit it without the application of a skeptic approach to it. Simplifying thematic outlines and structures is our favorite hobby. Fairly evident it is from the fact that we often make ourselves psychic patients while and after watching news on the Television but never do we take the trouble of investigating the gist and actuality in what is hidden behind the scenes. In simple words, we, the sub-continentals, at maximum go for the surface and least go for the deep structures of impulsive displays. Quite unfortunate for us is that we hold a blind belief in whatever is shown to us via print and electronic media. However, trusted sources are always valued in a formal manner by us and are somewhat an acceptable rather appreciable version of our thinking. Albert Einstein's approach is highly significant, in this behalf. He says that “Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”

Furthermore, complexity in approach carries with it an eternal sublimity and can never be degraded, whatsoever. Now what we have to decide is that as to whether we take the realm of reason and doubt into serious consideration or not. Saving ourselves from a pessimistic approach is not the only solution to such a tendency but being a pessimist is not always detrimental, indeed. On the contrary, holding an optimistic approach 24/7 is not always the sole answer to all troubles and distress. To sum up, we the people of the subcontinent must broaden our mentality level in accordance with the multi-dimensional needs of the days, months and years to come.

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