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Sex, Society and Pakistan

Son :  what is Sex ?

Mom with high temperature on her face and her complexion changing into red, first decided to slap on his little cheeks for asking this ridicules question ,

But as her hand was middle of the air between her body and his face, a thought popped up

 ‘’If I punish him, he will ask this question to someone else, which may cause danger for him?’’

Then she took his hand and set with him on nearby sofa and started explaining on more legal way (No doubt that’s marriage).

The little child with amusement looking in mother, what she is talking?

When mother almost about to end the procedure, Kid stood up and shouted…Mom Stop, Please Stop…!  I can’t write that much in this small space of my application form…

Presently, we have been seeing many headlines coming up of child abuse, rape cases, and many other issues that involved sexual abuse, this is not now happening now. But we get this kind of news now, because we have information access somehow, but there are many cases, where victims remain silent because of social pressure of losing honor, as it’s considered always as the fault of victim.

According to SAHIL an NGO ‘’the tally of girls and boys abused in the country grew from 2,255 in 2010 to 2,303 in 2011 and it’s continuously growing every year.

Past Google record shows, how the citizens of this ‘’Pure country’’  eagerly searched the word ‘’Sex’’ from their  devices, not just sex, but animal sex, donkey sex  and so on, surprisingly this is not just limited to the search engines.  In this regard other sources will give you more information including x-rated text messages from inboxes, images that have been deleted from mobiles, special memory cards that have lot of porn material to watch, browser history which can bring the real history, talks that are made behind walls and under the sheets during night packages.

And the proofs can be found on the adult pages on facebook where most of my country fellow comments and likes the adult photos with this belief that no one will notice them.

Unfortunately, we live in a society which has different rules to show and different to follow, the country which has high number of young people in its population with lower opportunities of entertainment and less opportunities of sex education, we are continuously going behind morally, we endeavor show off to be very elegant but the reality is different. because of increasing influence of media and technology and our daily lives, parents cannot control what their children should watch and read they can control one or two mediums but they can’t monitor source of information their children are engaged in because there is different between what you say and what you do it become difficult to transfer proper knowledge to the other party.

Meanwhile, in a society like ours your parents, teachers will not talk you about your sexuality and changes you go through during the age of puberty because you are afraid of discussed as it’s always considered as ‘”Gandi Baat’’ bad talk in our society and then you go towards peers who have same level of information which does not come from any authentic source so again ‘’two wrong makes another wrong’’ and there the problems starts.

Why Sexual Education is Necessary?

No matter how many attempt you made to stop your kid to access on porn material but you cannot be with him/her everywhere, but if you provide him/her education that will be always be with them. To me its compulsory Because Sexuality is broader than sexual activity.  It encompasses all the things that define us as girls and boys, and men and women, and everything in between. Shaped by culture, history, values, education and experience, our sexuality influences our views of individuality, family, parenthood and community. From a young age, children are exposed to sexual imagery and language in their environment, and their bodies are experiencing and developing sexual responsiveness. Their curiosity is inevitable, and the answers they get should clarify—not confuse—the issues for them.

Adolescence is a particularly stressful and confusing time as both physical and cognitive aspects of sexual expression begin to align, and the opportunities for personal decision making expand.  Sexuality begins to be a significant part of relationship experiences. We want those relationships to be healthy and safe, as they are the training ground for life as an adult.


In my point of view, until we don’t educate our kids/youth about their body and its rights these cases will be happening.  But in a society where Child sexual abuse, child rape and child molestation are three phrases a majority of people in Pakistan don’t speak of. Even spreading awareness and creating prevention against these vicious acts is considered shameful. As a result of this mindset, the children of this country suffer grievous and painful mental and physical torture;

If you keep in mind your past you must have faced any kind of sexual abuse in your life it might be at very low level just like teasing or passing a comment but you must have, if you haven’t , Congratulations you are one of the lucky one because most the people have gone through this.

Don’t let your kids go through the same psychological pressure as what you are facing educate them before it’s too late.

For Your information:  Research says 70 % of persons accepted that they are watching porn or watched somewhere in their life and remaining 30 % are liars.

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