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My Allah and his limitless blessings

Honored to have been counted among His very own creations, I write today to talk about some of His incalculable favors and blessings which outweigh almost any problem I’ve come to face in the eighteen learning years of my life.

To start with, I was lucky to be born a Muslim. It is a religion that has put my life in order, a code of life that wants nothing from me but wishes me all the best in excelling as a human-being in this limited-time test. There were times when I didn’t understand how Islam’s glory could be felt in the finest and clearest way. But later, I learned that the cycle of this world depended upon patience and tolerance. Value someone to be valued yourself, tolerate others to have your odds left unmentioned. I learned that praying, unlike a scientific experiment, doesn’t need evidence for the eye to be proven effective. It is not such an ordinary blessing to unfold so openly. Logic aside, words passed between you and your Lord help you inch closer to your inner self. The inner-self, which may not necessarily be visible in an X-Ray scan, would surely feel comforted when I’ve opened up to my Creator. I learned during the Holy month of Ramadan, that God has fully explained the concept of success in life within the hours of hunger. That one starts his day by passing words between him and his Lord, thanking Him by settling for what little or more he has with him for the time and hence intending to fast. Now it is his own will to keep his promise and commitment to God, who has put him in this test for his own well-being, making sure he is honest to himself. After a whole lot of empty-stomach struggle throughout the day, when you’ve been sincere enough to keep your word, not to your parents or friends but to He who owns you, He definitely doesn’t leave your desires left unattended. In other words, this Holy month of fasting has taught me to pray as if everything depended on God, and to work my way through as if everything depended on me, so that I look at life more realistically, in a more patiently composed manner. By the end of the night I always realize that everything surely does depend upon Him. Islam is felt, not explained.

I could’ve been born a Hindu or a Christian, and never had the chance of discovering such a remarkable Religion like the one shadowed above me. It’s undoubtedly the greatest favor which I could yet again never return to Him. After having realized his importance and value in my life, I could never compress such a magnificent role in making my character, giving me so many chances despite triple the failures. For me to be blessed every minute but never being able to return a hint of it, the best I could do was to perhaps make Him proud. All of which to at least avoid shame from appearing in my eyes while I stand miles beneath The One who loves me the most. I planned to undertake this objective with whatever I was made capable of doing (again, made capable by Him, God, whose name never seems to escape my lips, my eyes and my reality). Not an academic aim but a top priority, personal one.

Speaking about life, mine isn’t any different, there have been a few road accidents here and there on particular days. A few technical failures with the wheels that is, but the point remains, I could’ve been among the thousands injured every week and those who die in various corners of the world. Isn’t this protection of my life worth noticing, to not have felt the absence of my breath for a single moment? Similarly, when I experience a fraction of the dozens of special children all over the globe in various places, for the first time in my life do I fully understand the meaning of the word ‘complete’. In my view, these children deserve special love, special affection, and when you start becoming the cause to their sparkled smile hidden behind their unusual way with things; you start to understand God Almighty a percent better.

Today i felt like documenting it all because my heart realized these thoughts and their endless importance overflowing the limits. It was quite an extraordinary experience by finally bringing life into these alphabets. It truly gives me shivers to think of all that I have been comforted with and saved from, and still we wish for safety and comfort in life? That’s just an error, a man's true nature.

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