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The balance of thy life..

It feels awkward to ponder over how people connect to each other. You see neither a wire nor the poles of a magnet attached to either one of them, and yet there seems to be a force of attraction pulling them together with an utmost urge to bond with each other at a level where comfort may be sought.

It feels weird as to how predictable Bollywood romances can be. How stupidly two people not known to each other meet and collide and miracles happen. But then, isn’t life itself a miracle? Do these collisions not happen in our lives dawn to dusk as well? Be it a guard or the maid, a street hawker or the newspaper guy you get to see once in a blue moon because you wake up late, we connect to a new person every single day, for a smile is all it takes to route paths to one’s heart. We cry over not having friends and yet we refuse to think about the seventeen hundred souls of a mutual genre and community passing by every day. It doesn’t take more than an upward stir of the lip and a handshake to connect and commute.

But the question remains as to why does this connection matter? Is it because a balance has to be maintained, the balance of power and poverty, lock and liberty, skies and the roads and perhaps the seeds the farmer sows?

When sharing emotions with one another, we’re actually lifting a small portion off the plate and placing it on someone else’s weigh scale. Thus our side of the scale lowers and their side takes a rise, and hence a balance is maintained.  And yet we never forget to be selfish, do we? What about that rising scale that took your burdens on itself? It needs to reweigh and re-balance itself too! Perhaps it will do it by seeking the next scale in line. And hence the cycle continues, till eventually every other soul in the world inter-relates and balances each other’s scales.

However, what if a fellow’s scale is still left unbalanced at the hands of seclusion? He fears in the darkness of isolation for the sorrow of not a single soul being present to listen. But does he not know that he has been bestowed with a beautiful inner companion by his Creator. The companion called the heart; a friend awaiting a chat every moment it beats, a friend that may live close and yet resides in the utmost depth. Perhaps the pathway might be lengthy, but in order to find out, he has to travel the journey with in. He has to befriend the beat as a constant cohort, a traveler and eventually perchance a mystic. It is this journey of mysticism that makes one forget all the leisure and pleasure in this world in return for the final destination that awaits one with a much more promising reward indeed!

Nafa Namaz mai ho ya Nahusat me, Nafa to nafa hota hai apne apne nazarye se ;)!

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