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What we learnt from out textbooks?

In Pakistan no student is aware of the real history of Pakistan and Muslims, because we have a tragedy from the beginning.

Everywhere in the world the text books are the primary source of implementation of Education in schools, colleges and universities, in rest of the world the courses changed and improve with the passage of time and also according to the mental level of the students but in Pakistan the students in schools and colleges just keep on repeating the same course from primary to university level.

The teachers and professor just repeats the same chapters with a little bit explanation. For example we learnt “Thirsty crow was thirsty” when I was in class three but it remains THIRSTY till I gave the annual examination of intermediate, in the same way we memorize the contents of  living things and nonliving things from primary to graduation, learning Newton’s  Laws of motion since we started to read physics.

Once in First year one of my friend discussed with me that “Yar Newton was just fool”, I said why? He replied that, “He just created difficulties for us by thinking about the apple which falls from the tree; he should eat that instead of research on it that why this apple came down? Why not up towards the sky?”

In social studies mostly our teachers taught us about Pakistan and Muslim countries and Muslim Heroes like Muhammad bin Qasim, Ghori, Abdali and Ghazi etc, although these topics are less related to social studies.

Once my Senior Zubair Torwali asked a student in government primary school Bahrain Swat, “What is the name of our Prophet?” The reply he got was, “Muhammad Ali Jinnah”.

Mostly in our course we just read and learn about Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal so that’s why the little boy answered in that particular trend.

For the young students the text book is the only most important book in his little world, at first the student is forced to buy it, then he carries it to class room every day, other action is to open it before that subject is taught in the class, Finally he is asked to learn some portion of it word to word and he is graded by the quantity of its contents that he regurgitate.

This is the reality of every classroom of Pakistan, no student can ask anything out of course, if he/she asked so the teachers reply is awkward and not in accordance to what is really been asked.

So in such a state of textbooks how can one know about the real history? I think we should also read the open books out of course. 

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