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Pakistani Youth’s thinking on Anti-Americanism

Scrolling through these minds in the capital city, majority of them claim the US to be a force that’s better to be kept aside. America’s incentive-based political approach in Pakistan has added to the creation of an absolutely ferocious, sickening sketch in the common boy’s young mind. “Pakistan is not a folding game to be openly played for the accomplishment of personal US aims. Look at Waziristan, look at how our current government is being drawn back to the feet of the Americans. We don’t survive on the pieces of the West. This nation is Islamic and proud of its founding units”, quoted Amir Saith, a young govt. school child from the F.G. College for boys in one of Islamabad’s main towns. It’s a blood-rushed mindset that gets set to fire with every news flash of a casualty found dead and gone on the remote sides of Waziristan, Pakistan’s North West. That’s a region where there are minimum measures taken to put an end to this torturous humanitarian crisis. With existing stings like the shortage of resources including gas and electricity (two elements which make up the routine scale of any country), the government’s incompetence, law and order system’s loopholes, target killings in Baluchistan and recent Karachi deadlocks, it really does aggravate the pain to a nerve-thrusting extent.

Walking along the inner-streets of any part of Pakistan, the road-sides with food stalls, local barbers, they all may have the same set of messages to convey in relation to the US. A combination comprising of somehow clinching and holding on to that hope which is fading and fused together with a variety of enthusiastic emotions for their country. Both of the above lead to blame the Americans for holding their nation hostage in a world where Pakistan remains the most favorite, sizzling hot-topic of conversation on every desk. But there is a very appealing twist to these opinions. The common perception of the majority of the youth doesn’t mean the final say of everyone in the nation. They may be a less popular, still emerging shade of bright students in the country, who claim to differ from these everyday phrases relating to the superpower. This is the wise-minded, well educated, aware part of the youth segment. Youngsters within the radius of this constructive, progressing circle believe that the US has been a great support for the nation in countless ways. The strengthening of ties with them from a time when Pakistan lacked importance in the west had helped a great deal in developing immense exposure for the land in struggle for recognition.

“No matter what the aims and objectives they keep in hand, the aid has been sent our way and we should appreciate such a helping hand that has come forward and made an effort worth valuing”, words picked up from the roadside, belonging to a young research institute in the heart of Islamabad. It’s a magnificent display of sheer will and positivity from these heads, to know that their land lies in despair today, under the magnified global glass, despite of which they still step up to make the majority of the people re-think over their own vague statements. The burning of US flags, crushing of US government official billboards and banners certainly is a nasty sight for any eye. The frustration, hopelessness and the sense of failing to cope and understand the grassroots of each move considered by the West. But why? There is no answer and a long, silencing gap. Hence these acts in the local public seem obvious.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that this working, exposure-seeking, rapidly influencing side of Pakistan’s young world does put up an exclusive challenge for those absent minds in the country to shake their heads and try to think ‘out of the shell’. The world is not what you think it is. Perceptions and opinions are two similar terms which differ in expression from mind to mind. Rather than seating ourselves comfortably with a mouthful of criticism to let out, the time has come to hold hands, and discover just how can our current mindset in the modern West be changed? We all ask for a change they say, but often do we forget that the biggest stride for peace starts from within ourselves. These young intellects may seem less in number today, but are complete with a handful of common sense and constructive mechanism, which can help put Pakistan ahead of the highly rugged ‘Anti-Americanism’ term with a proud stride. Peace and Prosperity, Quaid’s dream still lies in the young blood of this blessed nation.

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