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The Pakistani Media’s Meteoric Rise

Dating back from the time of General Musharraf’s dominance, the Pakistan media played its role just like that of any other nations – simple as ever. Yet, with rising concerns from both the political and social side, the common man felt the need of a stronger support, a scale to measure out the heart of curiosity within the country’s territorial boundaries. Following which, only a few years after the start of The General’s influential reign (in the early 2000’s­); a mutual objective of getting down to the wires of every trending issue was adopted as the primary media objective. The aim being to present both sides of the political frame whole-heartedly to every citizen of Pakistan with given right as well as use this medium of coverage in an efficient, useful, progressive manner. Hence, these intentions gave birth to the nation’s strongest point of interest, triggering the almighty ‘media boom’.

Private channels switched active, more firms and research units started gripping remote areas such as FATA, SWAT and Dheer to broadcast their daily concerns with utmost priority, etc. This gave the public a degree of hope and recognition, believing in the fact that their voices would finally be heard all over. Tribal areas with citizens living in isolation felt a wave of positivity pass them by, bringing along the edge for the nation’s entire community to rely on. From then onwards till now, despite of all the dreadful, terrifying challenges surrounding our country’s symmetry, it would not be wrong to highlight the broadcasting, print media for the upheaval and lifting of the nation’s spirits. Time is evident to the fact that every man has felt the pinch of inflation, the shock of primary resource shortages, derailed foreign investment, but with cameras rolling around capturing every spoiled sight in full flow, a real life projection is still in-tact – support remains.

In addition to that, the relationship between the government and the citizens has always seemed a bit vague. The press statements encountered from time to time from various officials stated a vast improvement in the country’s economic growth, when people could still be seen deprived of food and shelter, torn on the street paths everywhere.Is that an accurate speculation? This vital message was delivered through the media booming to the social sector of the economy, assigning many foreign companies and NGO’s to support them in their fight against economic recession and mounting poverty. Journalism flourished, awareness increased and the youth of the time began to reach a mature stand not before long.A handful of universities, private schools and development forums started conducting a wide range of media conferences with full public participation to add to the growing support – a voice of our own.

Being a Pakistani myself, it always delights me to look back at how things were perhaps a decade back? When we all had no clue of how decisions were being laid out, a contrast between right and wrong, what was the art of the ongoing reality and how we could be the future pillars of holding Pakistan at place. The media helped clarify that, not just a couple of channels but an entire calculated risk adapted by the very own men and women of this land in search of peace and prosperity. Safeguarding the rights of the common man was felt as a need, not just for the nation but for the sake of humanity – an ideal example of Jihad.

All of the above helped forge a sentiment of unity among the people after years of silence. Knowing that the West had plenty of misconceptions about Pakistan and the values which lay beneath the soil, but the media outlay them in brilliant fashion. Blocks of extremism and bitter truths may still exist today, yet not forgetting that a weapon of justice is still busy striving its way through the cages for a balance between the present today and our future tomorrow.

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